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10% off at Belle-Ve bricks

Posted by Huw, 28 Aug 2021 10:00

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Belle-Ve Bricks is a website that sells instructions for thousands of MOCs from hundreds of designers.

For a limited period, Brickset readers can avail themselves with a 10% discount on all orders over £15 when using the code BRICKSET at the checkout.

Find out more about the site and what you’ll find there after the break.

This article has been written by Matthew Mitchell:

The history of Belle-Ve Bricks

The website was founded by me in 2018. To start with it had had one vendor and a couple of MOCs in the shop, but through perseverance and dedication over the years the site has grown to support a strong LEGO community to become what it is today. At the time of writing Belle-Ve Bricks has over 1700 MOCs from more than 120 designers who we are proud to call part of the BvB team.

If you create MOCs and want to be part of that team, find out more here.

What does Belle-Ve mean? It’s named after my two children who absolutely love LEGO. They are the inspiration driving the website forward and their name being part of the website has a hidden meaning that we will never give up spreading as much joy with LEGO as we can.

What will you find at Belle-Ve Bricks?

Alternate builds

Alternate builds are a convenient way to buy and build MOCs, and we wanted to make it easier to do so. Our alternate design section is new to the website, and we are constantly adding more sets, so keep an eye out on our website news feed.

Our most popular alternate builds are by Lego_Artisan and Gabizon-HTBI.

Sitcom complex:

Alternate build from Bookshop modular building:

Alternate build from Tower Bridge (1):

Alternate build from Tower Bridge (2)


We have instructions for over 1,700 MOCs in the shop, including over 60 free ones.

Here are a few MOCs from our most popular genres:


The Haunted Manor by ZeRedman

Harry Potter

Honeydukes by Martin Lego Design

Star Wars

Outland TIE Fighter by Force of Bricks


Street Fighter II Complete Collection by DrBrickHeadz

Commission work

We have a team of designers with broad range of skills which means we can cover all types and genres of commission work. If you are interested in knowing more, contact us and we’ll provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Here are a couple of commissions we completed recently:

For a limited period, Brickset readers can avail themselves with a 10% discount on all orders over £15 when using promo code BRICKSET at the checkout.

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