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2022 LEGO Marvel Mech and Creator Postards are likely delayed/cancelled

LEGO Creator Postcards Marvel Mechs Cancelled

This is a developing story, and not all details are clear yet, but it seems that several January 2022 LEGO sets have been completely removed from

LEGO 404 Page

Despite being revealed earlier a few weeks ago, the two LEGO Creator Postcards and 2022 Marvel Mechs product pages have been removed from, and now serve up a 404 Page.

Go see for yourself!

It’s unclear why these LEGO sets have been removed online, and speculation is rampant that there are stability, and production issues on these sets.

Comment and clarification from LEGO has been raised on the LEGO Ambassador Network, and this post will be updated when more details come to light.


This has been exacerbated by this screenshot shared by MiniSuperHeroesToday (who is also an RLFM), who received these early sets for review, stating that LEGO have “discovered a stability issue in 76202, 76203, 76204 and therefore are cancelling/postponing the launch. LEGO are currently looking into solutions and potential new launch timings”

I have verified that this email is legitimate (I wasn’t sent the new Marvel sets unfortunately), but there hasn’t been any concrete updates on the Postcards, and why they were removed, but it can be safe to assume some sort of issue has been discovered.

image 1

LEGO’s pipeline of new sets, and new releases has only increased in recent years, and coupled with the challenges from Covid-19 and working remotely, it is slightly concerning that these issues are cropping up, especially for a brand that prides itself over product quality, and not having to recall any products for over 10 years.

Personally, I can live with these sets getting postponed or delayed, but I’m slightly gutted that I won’t be able to get my hands on the new Wolverine minifgure, as I had been eagerly awaiting the return of X-Men to LEGO’s Marvel theme!

What do you think of these issues? Were you eager to get your hands on these mechs or postcards?

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