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A closer look at the combined LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 

Six LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts sets combine into a full minifigure-compatible Hogwarts Castle, and now there’s an even better look at the build. 


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HollyOnFilm has mixed a specific selection of LEGO Harry Potter models released between 2021 and 2023 to make up a complete Hogwarts Castle. This is a feature advertised at the end of 76415 The Battle of Hogwarts’ instructions. 

hogwarts castle combined instructions

The finished product has everything from the Great Hall to the bridge and does a good job of capturing the skyline of the castle.  

Those not able to pick up the several LEGO Harry Potter sets required to make this combined castle can instead opt for the huge 71043 Hogwarts Castle or the smaller 76419 Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

Here’s everything you need to create this combined model. 

LEGO Harry Potter sets that combine for a minifigure-scale Hogwarts Castle 

Featured image: HollyOnFilm

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