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A preview of internal LEGO paper bags that will soon replace internal plastic bags

LEGO Paper Bags 2022

Following news that LEGO would begin trialing paper bags as substitutes for internal plastic bags, we’re getting the first peek at this upcoming change, thanks to Bricksfanz.

This year’s LEGO Employee Gift – Ninjago Temple of Celebrations sees the first set where we get a glimpse of what could be the future of LEGO packaging – numbered paper bags!

LEGO Paper Bags 2022 3

In their efforts to boost their sustainable practices across the entire supply chain, LEGO have committed towards transitioning towards 100% sustainable packaging by 2025.

LEGO Soft Plastics

This is fantastic news, as I absolutely hate the amount of plastic waste that is generated with each LEGO set – a problem that is exacerbated with large sets, where you could have 20-30 plastic bags.

We should see more paper packaging in LEGO sets in 2022, with the first publicly available ones being LEGO Baseplates, which will transition to paper packaging around March 2022..

LEGO Paper Bags 2022 2

It’s really great to finally get to see these long-awaited paper bags, and I think it’s a really nice gesture that LEGO Employees and partners are getting the first taste of them, ahead of the general public!

Can’t wait to see these appear in more LEGO sets, hopefully in 2022!

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