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All the LEGO April Fools 2023 jokes and gags

LEGO April Fools 2023 Roundup

Did you manage to escape April Fool’s unscathed yesterday? With so much misinformation on the web, you can never be too sure what to trust, especially in the seedy underworld of the LEGO Community.

April Fools has long-running tradition in the LEGO community, with LEGO Fan Media, and even the LEGO Group themselves usually join in on the fun. See below for April Fools gags from previous years!

Here’s a list of all the LEGO April Fools jokes from 2023! If I missed any, please let me know in the comments!

Here’s some of the highlights from April Fools 2023

LEGO Cancellation Initiative

LEGO Product Cancellation Initiative – Brickset, Jay’s Brick Blog, Tips & Bricks

You may have had a mini heart-attack reading yesterday’s ‘news’ that LEGO were committing to begin cancelling sets, with fans getting to vote on sets on LEGO Ideas.

Taking it a step further this year, the April Fool’s joke was a collaboration between Brickset, Tips and Bricks and RacingBrick. We hatched the plan to coordinate an April Fools joke when we met in Billund last year, to make it seem more plausible that several fan media outlets pushed content at the same time.

LEGO Potting Mix

LEGO Potting Mix LEGO Netherlands

I really loved this gag from LEGO Netherlands about a new Botanical Collection set, Potgrond which translates to Potting Mix! A great way to quickly amass a huge collection of brown 1×1 studs.

LEGO Majestic Horse

LEGO April Fools 010423 The Majestic Horse Set and

I have to say, the winner of April Fools 2023 needs to go to LEGO themselves who went all out this year with the release of 010423 Majestic Horse.

LEGO April Fools 010423 The Majestic Horse Youtubers

They went one step further and even sent out a bunch of sets to content creators on Youtube and LEGO sites like Brickset for mock reviews.

Check out some of the hands-on reviews below!

Absolutely brilliant work and I’m really glad to see LEGO come to the party with such an excellent gag for April Fools 2023!

Hope you enjoyed this list of LEGO April Fools 2023 jokes and gags! Let me know if I missed anyone!

Did you fall for any of these April Fools jokes this year?

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