Amazon Australia and Big W slashes price of new Vidiyo sets by 50%

Amazon Vidiyo Sale July 2021

Hear that? That’s the sound of a LEGO theme slowly withering away before it inevitably meets its maker. If you can’t hear anything, just imagine a Llama making terminal sounds, with a dope techno beat thumping in the background.

In a surprising (that it’s happening so soon), it looks like Big W Australia have begun clearing their stock of LEGO Vidiyo Summer 2021 sets, which have only been out for less than 2 months – for a tantalising 50% off the entire range. Naturally, Amazon Australia have also followed and price-matched them.

All other Wave 1 beatboxes are also on sale for $10 a pop.

Check out the range on Big W’s website as well which has the Punk Pirate Ship on discount, as Amazon Australia still hasn’t adjusted pricing for it yet . Amazon Australia’s free shipping threshold is a little more forgiving, only having to hit $39 to qualify, instead of Big W’s $65 free shipping threshold.

LEGO Vidiyo Summer 2021 Minifigures

Honestly at 50% off, the Vidiyo sets become really compelling purchases for the actual sets and minifigures themselves. Great if you don’t care about the app and just want cool new characters.,

In addition to Vidiyo, Amazon Australia also has these new Summer 2021 sets on sale as well, at about 30% off.

LEGO Wreath

If you’re in the United States, they’re celebrating Christmas in July, and 40426 Christmas Wreath has made a surprising return. No luck for us here in Australia, or the UK

Happy shopping!

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