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Amazon Australia Easter LEGO Sale!

LEGO Amazon Easter Sale April 2021

Hope everyone is having a great Easter long weekend! If you’re in the mood to shop for LEGO, Amazon Australia has a whole raft of sales and clearance offers. You can get free shipping nationwide on orders over AU$39.

You can also register for a free Amazon Prime Trial to get 60 days free, which is great when you want to order a single Dots bracelet and have Jeff Bezos foot the delivery bill.

There are some really great deals here, from soon-to-be retired 2020 sets, LEGO Super Mario clearances, LEGO Art, and even some new 2021 sets.

These are Australia-only, but if you’re in the USA, I did see that the Harry Potter Moments books are on sale for 20% off on

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Big Ticket Items/Exclusives

New 2021 LEGO sets

LEGO Ideas

LEGO Star Wars Helmets – get ready for May the 4th!

LEGO Art (50% off!)

LEGO Amazon Easter Sale Super Mario

LEGO Super Mario Clearance Sets

LEGO sets more than 40% off

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