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BBC Breakfast is looking for LEGO fans to show off their collection

If you fancy sharing your LEGO collection with the nation, BBC Breakfast wants to hear from you.

The morning show’s Marta Newman has tweeted out a call for a ‘bona fide LEGO enthusiast’ as part of a segment on the company’s booming sales, which are set to be officially confirmed in tomorrow’s livestream event by CEO Niels B. Christiansen.

The BBC Breakfast journo is specifically looking for fans who’ve been putting together ‘mini masterpieces’, which could refer to either official sets (many of which undoubtedly fit that classification, like the recently-released LEGO Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith), or models you’ve built from scratch.

If you’re keen, drop Marta an email at Be warned, though: you’ll face stiff competition from other adult fans of LEGO, many of whom have already answered the call via Twitter. (Just check out the replies to the original tweet to see the outpouring of fans hoping to appear on BBC Breakfast.)

Marta hasn’t revealed when exactly this segment will air, so if you want to get on the show, you’ll probably need to make sure your calendar’s clear for the next few days, just in case.

Featured image: BBC

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