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BrickLink opens MOC pop-up store

Posted by Huw, 08 Sep 2023 11:45

99886 mocstore


BrickLink’s MOC pop-up store is the marketplace’s latest initiative to enable models submitted to its designer program to be purchased. 41 designs are being made available to buyers in the EEA, UK and USA during a pilot phase before potentially opening it up to others and expanding the model selection.

Rather than receive all the parts needed from LEGO, they’ll be shipped by large BrickLink sellers and possibly also from LEGO pick-a-brick. You are offered a choice of buying for the lowest price or fewest stores, as well as whether to source some from PaB, or limit to sellers in your country.

This has the advantage that there’s no waiting for the set to be manufactured, but the significant disadvantage of having to pay secondary market prices for the pieces, so the overall cost of the models is astronomical even before import duties and shipping costs have been factored in.

Still, there are some nice models available and it seems like a good idea. If you’re in the EU or USA where you will probably be able to find sellers in your own country or trading bloc, thus minimising taxes and shipping costs, you may well be tempted to buy some. But unfortunately for us here in the UK it is not really viable.

Anyway, take a look at the models available and learn more at the BrickLink MOC pop-up store.

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