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CG Artist Stefan Muller recreates a classic LEGO 90s Pirate Poster in stunning detail

lego 90spirates poster 1080

If you loved Pirates of Barracuda Bay or classic LEGO Pirates, you’re going to love the work of CG artist Stefan Muller in re-imagining Classic LEGO Pirates promotional ads which you might remember from old catalogues.

Check out his website and Artstation profile to see more of his work and check out the entire poster in its entirety, including an uncompressed 6k full-resolution version to spot all the cool little details.

According to Stefan, the sets used in this set as references were 6285 Black Seas Barracuda, and 6264 Forbidden Cove (zoom in on the poster to see Islanders doing their thing!).

I just love how he managed to capture the playful spirit of these posters, which I remember poring over constantly as a kid, dreaming of sets and builds I could never have at the time.

The warmth, lighting and twinkle of gold coins are simply breathtaking, and evoke emotions that can be rarely matched by modern LEGO sets.

Stefan also clearly draws inspiration from these awesome classic LEGO Pirates posters – especially “rich composition, vibrant colors, and the life that was brought into those little plastic bricks with the help of some clever staging and photography”.

More fascinating is the use of Brickini to build the environment. According to Stefan, Brickini is a tool that generates brick-built sculptures from simple geometry

If you’d like to see more of Stefan’s work and renderings, be sure to check out his Artstation and follow him on Twitter @stefanmuller_cg. His Captain Redbeard is especially beautiful.

I really hope we get more in this format from Stefan Muller – a Classic Space or even Castle rendition would be more than perfect.

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