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Comparing every LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship playset so far

With four minifigure-scale LEGO Star Wars gunships from the past 21 years, there are some interesting comparisons to be drawn between them.

We’re not far from the release of the latest LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship, 75354 Coruscant Guard Gunship, which is distinctly different from any other model before it.

MiniSuperHeroesToday has collected every LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship playset so far, as well as the upcoming 75354 Coruscant Guard Gunship. That can only mean it’s time to compare every iteration of the iconic vehicle, apart from 75309 Republic Gunship, which is designed at an entirely different scale.

Three of the four sets are particularly similar thanks to their identical colour scheme, but they’re not without differences. The earliest version of the gunship, 7163 Republic Gunship from 2002, has nonfunctional bubbles on wings with no bottom, preventing any clones from sitting in them.

This is nearly the same as 75354 Coruscant Guard Gunship, though the 2023 set is a different classification of gunship, as noted by the YouTuber.

One key feature of almost all of the gunships is the presence of overhead storage for the minifigures to use with cabinets built into each of the models, even making its way into 75354 Coruscant Guard Gunship.

The front of each gunship has been home to extra storage too, but the original 2002 build took that feature one step further with an opening front and a magnet holding a larger container. Smaller models have been included to store in that space too, including a bacta tank in 7676 Republic Attack Gunship and a mobile command centre.

Handles are another common function in the LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunships and are present in the 2002, 2013 and 2023 iterations, though their stability varies with 2002’s being the weakest of the lot. Thankfully, the design team have learned how to improve the handles since then.

Despite the differences between the gunships, 75354 Coruscant Guard Gunship is the most unique for its colour scheme, source material and minifigure selection. The other three have consisted of droids, clones, Sith and Jedi. Only half of those groups make it into the 2023 model.

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75354 Coruscant Guard Gunship is available from September 1, 2023, for £129.99 / $139.99 / €149.99 and you can hear our thoughts on the upcoming set by clicking here.

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Featured image: MiniSuperHeroesToday

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