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Dream Job Alert! LEGO is hiring AFOL Product Designers

LEGO Product Designer Hiring September 2022

Are you an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) that is seeking out a career change? Is designing LEGO sets in Billund, Denmark one of your dream jobs?

Well you’re in luck, because LEGO is on a fresh recruitment drive for LEGO Product Designers, and they’re specifically on the lookout for AFOLs to join the team.

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You can apply and check out the job description on the LEGO Careers website, to learn more about what the role entails.

LEGO Design Job Ad Justin Ramsden

It’s really interesting that LEGO are specifically calling out AFOLs, which means that they want LEGO fans to join the team.

This is likely an acknowledgement that LEGO are looking to add fans to their ranks, who can not only concept and design models, but bring aboard a keen understanding of what AFOLs want in a set.

LEGO has been busy recruiting LEGO AFOLs over the year, with names like Chris McVeigh (he recently designed the 10306 Atari 2600), as well as LEGO Masters (US) alumni Aaron and Boone who recently joined the ranks.

To learn more about working at LEGO, check out these helpful resources below, and for a deeper look into the LEGO Design process, check out my recent interview with the LEGO Motorised Lighthouse Design Team.

Design Talent Portal:

2023 New Designers London Conference:

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