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Every LEGO Ideas set in production – August 2023

As the LEGO Group ticks another Ideas set off its list with 21342 The Insect Collection, here’s a reminder of every project still in production as of August 2023.

The LEGO Ideas slate is ever-changing these days, even beyond the regular review results announcements that come three times per year. That’s thanks not only to sets arriving on shelves at a relatively rapid pace, but also new avenues for crowdsourced sets to join the theme’s production pipeline, such as contests and second-chance polls.

The end result is that it can often be difficult keeping track of what’s still to come from the LEGO Group’s most varied theme. Check out every LEGO Ideas set currently in production below, and keep an eye out for 21342 The Insect Collection on shelves from September 4 for LEGO Insiders.

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LEGO Ideas: Sonic the Hedgehog� Green Hill Zone Set (21331)(21331)

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LEGO Ideas: Home Alone McCallisters House Building Set (21330)(21330)

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Party Ideas with Exclusive LEGO Cake Mini Model(5007580)

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Tribute to Galileo Galilei

LEGO Ideas Galileo Tribute project

We’re somehow still waiting on this gift-with-purchase, which originally topped a STEM-themed LEGO Ideas contest in June 2022. LEGO Ideas user Firecracker_’s tribute to Galileo Galilei is currently rumoured to be available in November, numbered 40595 and with 307 pieces in the box, but take that with a grain of salt for now.

Viking Village

LEGO Ideas Viking Village concept featured resized

A LEGO Ideas set that has taken an unconventional route to shelves, BrickHammer’s Viking Village was originally rejected by the review board – but was then given the green light as part of a contest in partnership with Target, which saw three 10K projects offered a second chance at success. The winner of the public vote to decide between the three contenders was announced a year ago to the day, so we’ll hopefully see this set available soon.

The Orient Express, a Legendary Train

LEGO Ideas Orient Express featured

Between Thomas Lajon’s Orient Express, 10318 Concorde and 10321 Corvette, the second half of 2023 looks to be packed with iconic trains, planes and automobiles. Promobricks claims this legendary locomotive will chug on to shelves in November, with 2,540 pieces in the box for €299.99. Wallets at the ready for that one, then.

Polaroid OneStep SX-70

LEGO Ideas Polaroid OneStep SX 70 featured

Rumoured to be LEGO Ideas’ first 2024 set, Minibrick Productions’ Polaroid OneStep SX-70 follows in the footsteps of 21327 Typewriter in recreating a retro real-world object. It will probably sit very nicely in a display with both that sand green set and last year’s 21332 The Globe, and is said to come in at $79.99 for 516 pieces.

Your Family Tree

LEGO Ideas Your Family Tree 5

This build from 21324 123 Sesame Street creator Ivan Guerrero took pole position in a LEGO Ideas contest anchored around the theme of family, held in partnership with Target late last year. It’s sure to be one of the most unusually unique LEGO Ideas sets to date whenever it arrives on shelves.

Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End

LEGO Ideas Dungeons Dragons Dragons Keep Journeys End featured 2

Another contest-winning LEGO Ideas set, Lucas Bolt’s Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End topped a shortlist of Dungeons & Dragons-themed builds put to the public in a poll in late 2022. It was announced as a future LEGO Ideas set in January this year, and will debut in 2024 to celebrate D&D’s 50th anniversary.

Red Telephone Box

LEGO Ideas Red London Telephone Box featured

The second 2022 review saw two builds given the green light by the LEGO Ideas review board, one of which is John Cramp’s Red Telephone Box. It’ll presumably appeal to the same market as 10258 London Bus, by which we mean ‘people who really love red British icons’.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

LEGO Ideas The Nightmare Before Christmas 1

Also approved as part of the second 2022 review, Simon Scott’s The Nightmare Before Christmas now looks sure to miss the animated movie’s 30th anniversary this year. The safe money is on a release sometime in the fourth quarter of 2024, to really hit that sweet spot around Halloween and Christmas.


LEGO Ideas jaws 2022 1

A pair of projects also made the cut in the third 2022 review, including Johnny Campbell’s impressive Jaws build. It’s not the first time LEGO and Jaws have been mentioned in the same breath – the blockbuster was among a list of potential franchises for the 150th BrickHeadz – but it is the first time Hollywood’s most magnificent shark will make it to shelves.


Cat Ideas Header 1

Maybe the biggest mystery in this list is Damian Andres’s cat – not for its existence, because you know a LEGO moggy is going to sell like gangbusters, but for what it might look like. The builder’s pitch is a cross between a Siamese and Birman, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the LEGO Group transform this into a customisable model for anyone to build their own feline friend.

Reading, Reading, Reading


The latest LEGO Ideas model to join the production slate is Polish builder FR_AN’s Reading, Reading, Reading, which claimed first prize in a contest themed around Singles’ Day. The aim was to build a representation of an activity best enjoyed solo, and reading feels like the perfect candidate. This will be a gift-with-purchase at some stage.

Every LEGO Ideas set currently in production – August 2023

LEGO Ideas set Fan designer(s) Date approved
Tribute to Galileo Galilei (GWP) Firecracker_ June 20, 2022
Viking Village BrickHammer August 17, 2022
The Orient Express, a Legendary Train Thomas Lajon October 25, 2022
Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Marc (Minibrick Productions) October 25, 2022
Your Family Tree Ivan Guerrero December 7, 2022
Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End BoltBuilds January 5, 2023
Red Telephone Box John Cramp February 8, 2023
The Nightmare Before Christmas Simon Scott February 8, 2023
Jaws Johnny Campbell May 31, 2023
Cat Damian Andres May 31, 2023
Reading, Reading, Reading (GWP) FR_AN July 18, 2023

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