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First look at the new Build a Minifigure (BAM) Q2 2023 selections, including a Unicorn Lion Knight!

LEGO Build a Minifigure BAM Q2 2023

Can you believe March is ending? As we close out the first quarter of the year, it’s time for new LEGO Build a Minifigure exclusives!

Some of the new Q2 2023 LEGO Build a Minifigure exclusives and characters have popped up via a Facebook Group, and we now have our very first look at the upcoming new selection of minifigure heads, torsos, legs and accessories that should begin showing up from April onwards!

In case you’re new to this, LEGO have been releasing new (and sometimes exclusives) into Build a Minifigure (BAM) stations that you’ll find at LEGO Stores. These are usually released on a quarterly basis, and are an intentional strategy to attract LEGO and Minifigure fans in-store.

For example, here’s a look at the Q1 2023 BAM Minifigures which were the most recent release from January 2023.

LEGO Build a Minifigure BAM Q2 2023 Unicorn Lion Knight

There are some really fun characters this time, with the most notable being a Unicorn Lion Knight, wielding a shield and rapier/epee.

It features a brand new Unicorn printed head, which has armour plating on both sides of the moulded face, and looks pretty darn bad-ass.

Castle-builder fans will be delighted to discover that Lion Knight torsos, legs and shields will be made available, however if you’re army building, it will be much cheaper to get them from Pick a Brick online.

The head mould isn’t exactly new (the print is!), as it was previously used in Unicorns found in LEGO Vidiyo.

LEGO Minifigures Series 18 Unicorrn Guy Minifigure

Canonically, there’s been quite a few LEGO Unicorn knights, so this feels very fitting.

LEGO Build a Minifigure BAM Q2 2023
LEGO Build a Minifigure BAM Q2 2023 Back

Apart from that, there are some other notable elements such as a new pink dress piece that looks to have been from Vidiyo, as it has some equaliser prints on it, and there’ a new skeleton pirate too.

Excitingly, we also get the naked torso from the Stuntz 60333 Bathtub Stunt Bike, and blue Ice Cream costumes from 60314 Ice Cream Police Truck Chase.

That said, given the LEGO Castle Renaissance, and how popular previous medieval minifigures like the exclusive Black/White Falcons were, I expect the shields, torsos and legs to be incredibly popular and hard to get as army builders mass them.

I haven’t been able to confirm these minifigures or get them in hand, but keep an eye out for early April when I go hunting for these and I publish my quarterly review of new Build-a-Minifigure exclusives!

What do you think of the new Q2 2023 Build a Minifigure characters?

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