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Four things we’d like to see in the rumoured LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator 

Rumours for a huge LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator set have produced a list of features that we’d like to see, provided the report is real. 

Promobricks report that on October 1, 2023, LEGO 75367 UCS Venator Star Destroyer will launch to recreate the Republic vessel that served as a precursor to the more familiar Star Destroyer. It’s also said to include exclusive minifigures of Admiral Yularen and Captain Rex. 

The imperial version of the ship already has a UCS set in the form of 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer, offering an idea of what we might be able to expect later this year. 

Remember that this model and all other builds from the report are only rumours at the time of writing and should be taken with caution. 

4 – A method to carry and move it 

8039 alt68039 alt6

75252 Imperial Star Destroyer isn’t intended to be swiftly moved around like it is in flight and it’s hard to imagine a UCS Venator with over 5,000 pieces being any different.  

However, 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer is sturdy but undoubtedly hefty to move from one display location to another. With a flatter design, a UCS Venator could counteract its inevitable size by including a hidden carry handle or another mechanism. 

3 – The hangar bay 

LEGO Star Wars 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer 18LEGO Star Wars 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer 18

75252 Imperial Star Destroyer recreates the opening scene of the franchise with a miniature Tantive IV and a hangar bay to pose it in. 

The Venator’s red stripe can open to reveal a collection of hangar bays and it could be interesting to see this feature recreated in a UCS set with miniature ships to boot. 

2 – More accurate shaping 

8039 main8039 main

8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser is one of the only models of the ship released to date, though its size and interior mean that the shaping is not quite as accurate as it should be. 

A UCS version of the set could amend this with more space and less need for an interior space, opting for a flatter and more accurate design. 

1 – A similar scale to 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer 

reddit venator comparisonreddit venator comparison
Image: TimberWolfII

Promobricks’ report states that the rumoured UCS Venator could have 700 more pieces than 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer and we’d like the potential build to be at a similar scale to the official UCS set. 

While the Venator-class Star Destroyer is notably smaller in fiction than the Imperial Star Destroyer, two UCS sets of similarly shaped vessels at the same size could make for an interesting and eye-catching display. 

Featured image: Star Wars

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