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Guide to all the new LEGO sets releasing on 1 January 2022

LEGO January 2022 Release Guide

We’re almost ready to usher in the New Year, and once the clock strikes midnight and we tick over to the 1st of January 2022, over 100 new LEGO sets will go on sale on!

With so many LEGO sets, from LEGO City, Friends, to Technic, to Creator Expert, Brickheadz and more – there’s something for everyone, and what better way to kickstart the New Year than with new LEGO.

Here’s a helpful guide to all the new January 2022 LEGO releases to help you navigate and plan your purchases! Most of these sets should go live on LEGO’s online site just after midnight, so if you’re staking it out for the 10297 Boutique Hotel modular, I’d get ready just before midnight in your local time zone.

Is there a Gift With Purchase offer for January 2022?

Nothing has officially been communicated yet BUT I would be very surprised if LEGO didn’t have a GWP ready for purchases in January 2022. 2021’s January GWP was the very popular Vintage Car, which sold out almost immediately as fans flocked to the new sets in 2021.

I’d say we should learn about the January 2022 GWP very, very soon, so keep an eye out on the blog for updates!


Also… there are plenty of rumours that the LEGO Ideas Sonic set may drop in early January. So keep an eye out as there are only 4 days left for LEGO to make any sort of announcement..

What’s on your 1 January 2022 shopping list? Let me know what sets you’re thinking of picking up in the comments!

If you’re planning on ordering these sets from, please consider clicking through using these affiliate links. I may receive a small commission with each purchase which goes a long way in paying for server costs and general maintenance of the site! & LEGO Store Exclusives January 2022

It’s almost tradition to kick off the year with the new LEGO Modular Building, and 2022’s modular is 10297 Boutique Hotel, which will be available to order at the stroke of midnight on 1 January 2022.

It’s such a uniquely fantastic design that celebrates 15 years of Modular Buildings, and has such an innovative and unique architecture, colours and design.

I need a bit more time to complete my review, and got sidetracked somewhat by the holidays, but I hope to publish it before launch!

LEGO 10297 Boutique Hotel Lifestyle

See below for regional pricing and links:

42130 Technic BWM Motorrad M 1000 RR Display 2

For LEGO Technic and Superbike fans, you’ll also be able to look forward to 42130 Technic BMW M 1000 RR which will be released on 1 January 2022, exclusively on ahead of a wider release in March 2022.

I’m not a massive Technic fan, but if you want to see more of the BMW M 1000 RR in detail, check out this awesome review from friend of the blog, RacingBrick.

[embedded content]

LEGO Lunar New Year January 2022 Releases

Depending on where you are in the world, some of the new 2022 LEGO Chinese New Year sets may have already been released!

Check out my review of 80108 Lunar New Year Traditions to see what I thought of the set, and look out for my review of 80108 Lunar New Year Ice Festival soon!

80108 Lunar New Year Traditions

80109 Lunar New Year Ice Festival

LEGO Star Wars January 2022 Releases

Star Wars fans have a couple of Hoth-themed sets to look forward in January 2022, including the long-awaited Hoth AT-ST set, along with the return of Battle Packs – perfect accompaniments for your UCS AT-AT!

Aside from that, for fans of The Mandalorian, we have a new Razor Crest Microfighter, which is the most affordable way to get your hands on a Din Djarin minifigure.

And last but not least, we have the 150th LEGO Brickheadz – Ahsoka Tano!

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LEGO Creator 3-in-1 January 2022 Releases

For January 2022, we have a very small wave of Creator sets, which include the highly anticipated LEGO Majestic Tiger – yes the one with the anatomically correct anus.

Tiger orifices aside… this is a fantastic Creator 3-in-1 set that’s among the best that LEGO have designed, and for a great price as well. A perfect addition for those looking to celebrate the Year of the Tiger!

There’s also a new LEGO Botanical set, 40524 Sunflowers! Read my review here!

Unfortunately, it seems that the Creator Postcards have been delayed or cancelled, so we’ll have to wait till we get official confirmation from LEGO on the fate of these buildable postcards.

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LEGO Architecture January 2022

LEGO 21057 Singapore Skyline Box

New for January 2022 is the return of LEGO Architecture Skylines, heading to South East Asia with 21057 Singapore. Some of the city-state’s most iconic skyscrapers and buildings, including the Marina Bay Sands hotel which dominates the skyline.

LEGO City January 2022 Releases

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LEGO Friends January 2022 Releases

LEGO Friends celebrates 10 years with a stellar lineup of sets, and a huge improvement – many more male minidolls in the sets!

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LEGO Ninjago January 2022 Releases

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LEGO Super Mario January 2022 Releases

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes January 2022 Releases

It’s going to be extremely slim pickings for LEGO Marvel Fans as there will only be 2 new Marvels sets out on 1 January 2022, after the latest Marvel Mechs got cancelled/delayed due to structural issues.

But thankfully, there are four new 4+ Spidey and Amazing Friends sets to fill the void, and give you your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man fix!

LEGO Monkie Kid January 2022 Releases

Monkie Kid heads to the moon in the early 2022 wave of sets, which sees brand new mechs, and new characters such as Chang’e and Nezha introduced to the rapidly expanding theme!

The absolute highlight for me, however is 80036 The City of Lanterns which is going to be a Day One purchase for me.

The Batman January 2022 Releases

For the rest of the world, we finally get sets from the upcoming Matt Reeves movie, The Batman! These were previously only available in the US ahead of the rest of the world.

LEGO Brickheadz January 2022 releases

For fans of Brickheadz, there will be four new releases on 1 January – 2 new Brickheadz Pets, Ahsoka Tano, and Lion Dance Guy for Chinese New Year!

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LEGO Minecraft January 2022 Releases

LEGO Disney Princess January 2022 Releases

LEGO Dots January 2022 Releases

Technic January 2022 Releases

I think that’s all the new LEGO sets releasing on 1 June 2021! Hope this guide helps!

Are you ordering anything today? Let me know in the comments what you picked up!

If you’re planning on ordering these sets from, please consider clicking through using these affiliate links. I may receive a small commission with each purchase which goes a long way in paying for server costs and general maintenance of the site!

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