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Here’s how big the LEGO 75313 UCS AT-AT is (size comparison)

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Lifestyle Scale

We’re just days away from the launch of one of the most anticipated LEGO Star Wars sets ever – 75313 UCS AT-AT which releases at midnight on Black Friday – 26 November 2021. =

Check out more official photos of the UCS AT-AT from the announcement post and my first impressions and unboxing of the set.

Special thanks to The LEGO Group for sending the UCS AT-AT for early review/content.

At 6,785 pieces, and measuring 62cm (24.5″) tall, 69cm (27″) lengthwise and 24cm (9.5″) wide, this is a seriously large LEGO Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) set, but just how large is the LEGO UCS AT-AT?

By now, we’ve all seen the photos and videos of the set in action, and this excellent family group shot of all LEGO AT-ATs in existence from Brickset really serves to demonstrate its sheer size and scale, but what if you don’t own any AT-ATs?

To help, here’s a series of photos of the UCS AT-AT alongside a bunch of LEGO sets, but also a bunch of random household stuff, to give you a better sense of scale at just how large this outstanding set actually is.

UCS AT-AT vs UCS Republic Gunship

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Republic Gunship

The other UCS set in 2021 was 75309 Republic Gunship, released just 3 months ago in August, with its impressive wingspan.

If you’re a LEGO Star Wars UCS collector, this year has been painfully expensive, but still, how often do we get both a Prequel and an Original Trilogy UCS model in the same year?

UCS AT-AT vs “UCS” R2-D2

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison UCS R2 D2

The other unofficial UCS set this year was 75308 R2-D2, released on May the 4th, serving as a timely remake of everyone’s beloved heroic astromech droid.

R2 looks comically small here.

UCS AT-AT vs banana

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Banana

But what if you’re unfamiliar with 2021 LEGO UCS sets? Never fear, I’m sure you can imagine the size of a banana, so here’s the UCS AT-AT with a banana for scale.

Bananas are the internet’s preferred method to communicate relative size, so this will surely help.

If you’re looking for specifics, this is a Cavendish Banana.

UCS AT-AT vs 5 year old toddler

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison 5 Year Old Child

If that doesn’t help, here’s a shot of the UCS AT-AT with my 5 year old daughter – she’s just over 100cm tall, and yes, the UCS AT-AT is really the size of a small dog, and loves pats on his head.

UCS AT-AT vs Bonsai Tree

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Bonsai Tree

One of the more popular LEGO for Adults / Creator Experts this year has to be 10281 Bonsai Tree, a set that every LEGO fan should own.

UCS AT-AT vs Charizard Pokemon Card

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Charizard

I’ve rediscovered (and recovered) my childhood Pokemon card collection this year, which has been a fun side-hobby from my primary LEGO hobby.

Also, just an excuse to show off a Base Set Charizard I pulled when I was 10.

UCS AT-AT vs Darth Vader LED Lite and minifigures

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Darth Vader LED Lite and Minifigures

Here’s the UCS AT-AT next to an upsized LEGO Darth Vader minifigure – the desk lamp LED Lite version, and some standard issue Snowtrooper minifigures included in the set.

UCS AT-AT vs Phase 2 Commander Cody

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Captain Rex Constraction

Certain pockets of prepubescent Star Wars fans were going nuts over Phase 2 Commander Cody, and how he was wrongfully cut from the other UCS set – the Republic Gunship.

So here’s the Constraction Cody riding the UCS AT-AT like the boss that he is.

UCS AT-AT vs Darth Vader Helmet and Mandalorian Brickheadz

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Darth Vader Helmet and Brickheadz

More Star Wars paraphernalia because it fits the overall theme – here’s the UCS AT-AT next to the 75304 Darth Vader Helmet and 75317 The Mandalorian Brickheadz.

UCS AT-AT vs Volkswagen Golf

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Car Whel

Taking a break from LEGO sets, I just want to illustrate just how large the AT-AT is – it’s almost as large as a car tyre! Pictured here are 17″ tyres.

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Car
LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Volkswagen

And here’s the UCS AT-AT next to a Volkswagen Golf MK6.


LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison LEGO Mechs

I have a bit of a love affair with LEGO Mechs, so here’s a bunch of them – the 76105 Iron Man Hulkbuster, the Spyrius classic 6889 Recon Robot, and one of the finest LEGO mechs ever designed – 70676 Lloyd’s Titan Mech.

UCS AT-AT vs Question Mark Block

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Question Mark Block


With one of the biggest (fitting) surprises this year, the LEGO Super Mario Question Mark Block.

UCS AT-AT vs LEGO Accessories

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison LEGO Cup and Briefcase

Here’s the UCS AT-AT next to a minifigure coffee cup, and briefcase.

UCS AT-AT vs Advent Calendar

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison LEGO Advent Calendar

Shameless plug, Advent Calendar Season is less than a week away! Join me as I open the 2021 LEGO Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter and maybe Friends Advent Calendar!

It’s one of the most long-standing traditions on the blog, and I look forward to December each year as we open the Advent Calendar day by day!

UCS AT-AT vs Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Hedwig

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Hedwig

One of my favourite sets of this year, and one of the rare sets that I awarded a perfect 5/5 rating – here’s the AT-AT next to 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collection. Man, at the time, I thought Hedwig was huge!

UCS AT-AT vs LEGO Ideas Home Alone

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Home Alone House

And another big set from this year, that is made to look absolutely tiny – here’s the UCS AT-AT next to the LEGO Ideas Home Alone McCallister House!

UCS AT-AT vs Saturn V Rocket

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Saturn V

So the UCS AT-AT might be tall, and tower over most large LEGO sets from 2021, but it still isn’t tall enough to beat out the legendary Saturn V Rocket.

UCS AT-AT vs Snowspeeder

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Size Comparison Snowspeeder

Of course, you can’t have an AT-AT shot without a Snowspeeder – so here’s it pictured next to the Snowspeeder from the infamous UCS Assault on Hoth set.

While Assault on Hoth was widely panned at the time… now that we have a UCS AT-AT, I strangely think that the set is almost a necessary companion, and is made better by the existence of the UCS AT-AT. Who knew?

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this slightly more fun and less serious take on the UCS AT-AT ahead of my full review! Hope it helps you get a sense of just how large and impressive-looking the UCS AT-AT is, and help sway you to pick it up when it launches at midnight on 26 November.

The Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) AT-AT will be priced at US$799.99 / AU$1299.99 and will be available on Black Friday, 26 November 2021 exclusively from or LEGO stores.

See below for regional pricing and links:

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