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Introducing LEGO CON, a livestream event packed with live builds, product reveals and more!

LEGO Con Teaser

After a very cryptic teaser from LEGO on social media, The LEGO Group has announced LEGO CON – a two-hour action-packed LIVE event targeted at kids, teens and families.

The inaugural LEGO CON will be hosted and livestreamed directly from LEGO House in Billund, Denmark on June 26th, 2021 at 6-8PM CEST (5-7PM BST // 9AM PST).

LEGO CON will be livestreamed via and here’s what you can expect on the agenda:

During the live show, attendees can be the first to see brand new models and epic challenges, watch live building challenges with special guests, and even become a part of LEGO House history, leaving their personal mark inside the Home of the Brick! The livestream kicks-off with a pre-show of AFOL inspiration before moving to the jam-packed run of show where attendees can also immerse themselves in live virtual activities and conversations with other fans from around the globe as they experience:

The AFOL pre-show is particularly interesting, and will feature some really cool presentations from LEGO personalities such as @fourbrickstall who will be leading a session on LEGO photography, and there’ll be many more awesome guests to be revealed.

LEGO Con Main Event:

● VIP behind the scenes access

● Inspiring builds, and live building that demonstrate the endless possibilities of the brick

● Exciting product reveals from different LEGO franchises

● Exclusive opportunities to engage with LEGO designers and other presenters during the show

I was lucky enough to participate in a Q&A session with some of the organisers of LEGO Con, and they drew inspiration from MineCon, an annual Minecraft livestreamed event for fans.

Due to the pandemic, the first LEGO CON will be livestreamed to enable access to fans from all around the world, but it’s not inconceivable to expect it to one day transform into a live event ala BlizzCon / Star Wars Celebration.

So what can you expect from LEGO CON 2021?

There’ll be exclusive product reveals and demonstrations from themes such as LEGO Star Wars, Super Mario, City, Dots, Minecraft, Vidiyo and more.

I can also confirm that there will be brand new, never before seen sets being revealed (unless they unceremoniously get leaked beforehand), so you better try and tune in.

It’s really important to note that LEGO CON isn’t particularly aimed at AFOLs or adult LEGO fans, and the entire event is geared towards kids and tweens, so just want to manage expectations here in case you find the content and style too kiddy.

Will there be any exclusive LEGO CON sets?

Unlike Comic Con which is infamous for LEGO Exclusive sets/minifigures, there won’t be any exclusive sets/minifigures for LEGO CON 2021, but I wouldn’t rule out special giveaways/exclusives for future LEGO CONs.

How do I tune in to LEGO CON?

To livestream LEGO CON, you’ll need to head to to watch the event.

We did press the organisers about whether LEGO’s server infrastructure/IT systems could handle a massive amount of concurrent viewers, and we’re assured that they’ve definitely taken this into account, and have contingency plans in place.

We’ll see how it performs, given that famously crashed under the load of LEGO fans trying to redeem VIP coins and other rewards.

For those wanting to partake in live chat, unfortunately due to brand and child safety, there won’t be any way to interact with other viewers during the livestream, although you can still probably discuss it on Twitter/other social media platforms.

The inaugural LEGO CON will be hosted and livestreamed directly from LEGO House in Billund, Denmark on June 26th, 2021 at 6-8PM CEST (5-7PM BST // 9AM PST).

Now that LEGO CON has been revealed, I’d love to know what you think in the comments, and what you’re looking forward to seeing?

Personally, even though I’m not the target audience, I think this is a pretty interesting move from LEGO, and I have to commend them for jumping into the convention business – a LEGO-led celebration of the brick has long been overdue, and if done right, I think has the potential to be an annual event that fans of all ages look forward to every year.

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