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January 2022 new LEGO Elements now available on Bricks & Pieces

Bricks and Pieces January 2022

Earlier today, the the massive new list of new LEGO elements began going on sale on Bricks & Pieces, LEGO’s relatively unknown service that allows you to order parts, and elements directly from LEGO.

Think of it as Bricklink, but direct from the manufacturer, although not all elements are available, such as parts belonging to licensed sets like Super Heroes.

With a whole bunch of new sets released on the 1st of January, there is naturally a smorgasbord of new elements and parts, from animals, to minifigure accessories to handy new bricks and elements.

Basically, Bricks and Pieces works like an all-you-can-order part buffet. You enter in either a LEGO set number, or the element ID/design ID in the section below.

image 4

For example, if I want to order a ton of Grey Squirrels found in 60329 School Day, I’d pop in the element ID 6390506 into the second search bar

Bricks and Pieces Squirrel

The element will then pop up, and you can add to cart to your desired quantities.

Alternatively, you can also punch in the set number, in this case, 60239 into the first search bar, and you’ll then pull the entire inventory of elements from the set, and find the squirrel there.

To help browse through all the new elements, Wade Davey has prepared this PDF Guide, which contains the element ID, and thumbnails of each new for January 2022 element. Do note that prices are in Australian dollarydoos!

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Additionally, friend of the blog, and the authority on all things LEGO elements, New Elementary also publishes a guide every month with all the new elements that you can check out.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s some of the elements and their corresponding IDs I ordered today:

  • Turtle – 6386219
  • Grey Squirrel – 6390506
  • Brown Squirrel – 6384077
  • Egg Splat – 6384867
  • Black Dog – 6373423
  • Minifigure Tiger Mask – 6384290
  • Green Ice Cream Costume – 6385162
  • Pink Ice Cream Costume – 6382508
  • Blue Ice Cream Costume – 6385161

As you can see, I’m a big fan of LEGO Animals and Minifigure Costumes!

You can access Bricks and Pieces any time, and you’ll be able to earn VIP points with purchases, but do note that you may be charged shipping. Also, shipping lead times can take a while, and the warning notice mentions that orders might take 5-6 weeks to fulfill as they’re usually packed by hand.

Hope this helps, especially if you want to find specific elements, or order a whole ton of Squirrels like I have!

Let me know in the comments if any of the new elements stand out, or if you have any questions!

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