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LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise joins the Botanical Collection

LEGO 10289 Birds of Paradise Set

Fans of the LEGO Bonsai Tree and Flower Bouquet will be delighted to know that we now have an official look at the third entry into LEGO’s highly popular Botanical Collection – 10289 Bird of Paradise.

This highly detailed replica of a Birds of Paradise plant is made up of 1,173 pieces, making it the largest LEGO Botanical set yet, and will be priced at US$99.99 / AU$169.99 / £89.99.

The LEGO Bird of Paradise will be released on 1 June 2021, however those in North America (USA & Canada) will have to wait till 1 August 2021.

Thanks to Brickfinder for the pics and heads up.

LEGO fan media such as Brickset & Rambling Brick have already begun posting teasers, and you can expect reviews to drop at about 11pm AEST / 2pm UK time / 9am Eastern Standard Time (3 May), so keep an eye out on the above sites.

LEGO 10289 Birds of Paradise Lifestyle
LEGO 10289 Birds of Paradise Parts

Fans of the Botanical Collection – undoubtedly THE hottest LEGO theme unveiled this year judging by its perennial out-of-stock status will be delighted to add a third plant to the their collection.

Judging from official photos of the model, I think the designers have done a wonderful job capturing the large green waxy leaves, and signature flowers (which give it its name), and the addition of a brick-built pot is also nice, although you should take the piece-count with a grain of salt as many round studs are used for the “soil”.

LEGO 10289 Birds of Paradise Botanical Collection

The pricetag – US$99.99 / AU$169.99 is definitely on the pricy side, although there are some pretty large elements which means this won’t be as accessible or affordable as the Bonsai or Flower Bouquet.

LEGO 10289 Birds of Paradise Display

Also, the choice of a Bird of Paradise is a particularly interesting one as while they’re very popular indoor plants thanks to their leaves, they rarely flower indoors.

I was expecting some sort of Cactus or Succulent set, but this is pretty nice, and if you can afford it, would make quite a statement as a display piece alongside the Bonsai and Flower Bouquet.

Birds of Paradise Meme

Oh, and if you’re not a plant person, and have questions about the name and why it doesn’t look like a bird, this helpful Reddit meme should help.

LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise will be released on 1 June 2021 worldwide, and 1 August 2021 in the US and Canada.

What do you think of the Bird of Paradise set? Will you be adding this to your Botanical Collection?

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