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LEGO 40485 FC Barcelona Celebration gift with purchase (GWP) unveiled!

LEGO 40485 FC Barcelona Celebration Feature Photo 1

Overnight, the Australian store gave us our first official look at 40485 FC Barcelona Celebration. The set is an upcoming gift with purchase (GWP) promotional set for what is almost assuredly a new Barcelona Camp Nou stadium (one of the worst kept secrets this year), that will be in the same vein as 2020’s 10272 Old Traffford.

For the non-sportsball fans, Barcelona is a Catalan club that plays in the La Liga, that’s best known as being Lionel Messi’s ex-football club.

The GWP comes in at 178 pieces, and features 5 FC Barcelona supporters (one is missing from the official set photo) celebrating at Font de Canaletes, a landmark in Barcelona where football fans congregate after matches – a tradition that dates back to the 1930s.

I’m really jealous that you get 5 minifigures with Barcelona jerseys/torsos and great stickers for the flags – something that we never quite got with the Old Trafford set.

LEGO 6322501 The United Trinity George Best Bobby Charlton Denis Law

The closest we got were these plain-torso (but with squad numbers on the back) minifigures of Man United’s Trinity.

I also like the presence of a fan in a wheelchair, which is a lovely move by LEGO to celebrate diversity and inclusion for wheelchair users.

LEGO 40485 FC Barcelona Celebration Gift with Purchase 1

There are no other details such as spend or purchase requirements/thresholds, but it’s very safe to expect that this will be given out with the release of the LEGO Camp Nou set, whose release is almost imminent.

I really hope that it’ll be like the mini Adidas Superstar GWP, where the set is available for a specific purchase threshold, instead of it being solely tied to purchase of the LEGO Camp Nou set, as that’ll motivate to try for it.

I’m a massive football fan, but don’t quite favour FC Barcelona, so I’ll most likely skip the set, but the minifigures are tempting from a collector’s standpoint.

Anyway, stay tuned and be sure to be subscribed to the blog for the official reveal of Camp Nou, which is imminent!

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