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LEGO City heads into the wild, introducing elephants, lions and new monkeys!

More LEGO Summer 2021 sets have been revealed – this time from LEGO City, which is going Safari and Animal-research themed for the second half of 2021!

In case you missed it, check out new LEGO Mickey & Friends, Ninjago Seabound and Creator 3-in-1 to catch up on all the new Summer 2021 sets coming soon – probably June 2021.

These sets will be available from, LEGO Stores, and most toy stores that carry LEGO.

In case you missed it, here’s all the other Summer 2021 LEGO sets revealed so far:

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 sets revealed so far:

LEGO 60300 Animal Rescue ATV

LEGO 60300 Animal Rescue ATV

In the smallest set so far revealed, we get a great look at these new monkeys! They look like they can hang off rods, and they also have one minifigure clip hand to grab on to stuff!

Can’t wait to amass an entire army of these monkeys.

LEGO 60301 Animal Rescue Off-Road Vehicle

LEGO 60301 Animal Rescue Off Road Vehicle
LEGO Lion and Cub

This 4+ set features the king of the Jungle – a new Lion mould and an astonishingly adorable Lion Cub as well. Perfect to re-enact the Lion King if you ask me!

New LEGO Python

Also included is a brand new python, which I think is a snake featuring printed details across its body!

LEGO 60302 Animal Rescue Operation

LEGO 60302 Animal Rescue Operation
LEGO City Elephants

The largest set reveals the new elephant moulds, a triumphant return of these big lumbering beasts – not seen in a LEGO set (non-Friends) since 2003’s Elephant Caravan.

LEGO Animal fans will be delighted with these new moulds, although its trunk looks kinda weird.

LEGO City Egg Hatching and Monkey Bandage

Additionally, there’s this cute egg that’s just about to hatch, as well as a closer look at the bandaged hand for the monkey.

What do you think of these new LEGO City animals? Are you a big fan of the Elephants or Lions?

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