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LEGO Education says SPIKE Essential is already in high demand

LEGO Education President says there is already high demand for SPIKE Essential since the kick-off of the latest component in the LEGO Group’s learning system.

In an interview with Forbes, President of LEGO Education Esben Staerk stated that, although SPIKE Essential only launched recently, there is already strong interest in the new module of LEGO Education’s learning system.

“The idea that we’re getting a platform with longevity and compatibility is incredibly exciting to many people,” Staerk explained.

With the most recent addition of SPIKE Essentials, the combined learning system can, in theory, give a child an education in STEAM from primary age all the way through to the end of secondary school.

“Learning is part of our mission,” Staerk went on to say. “Enabling every student to succeed, to learn through purposeful play. Imagine that learning is seen as being personally meaningful – and that you’re actually engaged in social and iterative problem-solving as part of that simultaneous play and learning. That’s what we want to bring into the classroom – the same feeling of joy from your childhood.”  

It’s not only through LEGO Education that the company seeks to spread joyful education. The LEGO Group has explained the benefits of learning through play time and again and also invested in external projects that align with its values. On top of that, the company encourages its own adult employees to dive into play-time to bring the same benefits to the staff with an annual Play Day.

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LEGO Education Spike Essentials

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