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LEGO Halloween Decoration Ideas

Happy Halloween! A favorite pastime of LEGO fans is to create fun Halloween decorations, or to modify their displays with Halloween spookiness. Below, I will show you some of my favorites from the Fans of LEGO Halloween Village Facebook Group. If you still need some ideas for your own decorations, they might five you some inspiration.

LEGO Halloween Village 1

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get ready for Halloween is to add Halloween decorations to your current LEGO displays. This could be as simple as adding pumpkins, spider webs, and costumed minifigs trick-or-treating in your LEGO city. The image below is by LEGO fan Trevor Pearson-Jones.

LEGO Halloween Village 2

If you have any of the LEGO Monster Fighters, LEGO Hidden Side, LEGO Ghostbusters, or one of the large LEGO Haunted Houses, those are also excellent candidates to become Halloween decorations. The images below (in order of appearance) are by Debs Craven, Denise Vezina, Mark Hutchins, Ailsa Frame, KR Campbell, Tommy Hazleton, and Trevor Perason-Jones.

LEGO Halloween Village 3
LEGO Halloween Village 4
LEGO Halloween Village 5
LEGO Halloween Village 6
LEGO Halloween Village 7
LEGO Halloween Village 8
LEGO Halloween Village 9

And how about adding Halloween decorations to the LEGO Disney Castle? All you need is pumpkins, spider webs, skeletons, and some spooky looking minifigs! The image below is by Joanne Snowball.

LEGO Halloween Village 10

Another way to enhance your Halloween creations is by adding painted/printed backgrounds, and lights. You can see some examples of painted/printed backgrounds above, and below is a great example of using lights by Charlotte Andrews.

LEGO Halloween Village 11

Many of the LEGO Halloween displays above are quite large, but you can also create smaller Halloween-themed decorations to add some fun. Minifigs, and smaller official and custom LEGO displays are great for this. The images below are by LEGO fan Ailsa Frame.

LEGO Halloween Village 12
LEGO Halloween Village 13
LEGO Halloween Village 14

And how about this Halloween-themed wreath below by Chris Sifra? It is based on the #40426 LEGO Christmas Wreath 2-i-1 set released last year that’s still available at the Online LEGO Shop.

LEGO Halloween Village 15

You can find these, and many other inspirational LEGO projects for Halloween at the Fans of LEGO Halloween Village Facebook Group, so check them out if you’re interested! What do you think? Are you planning to create any LEGO-themed decorations or activities for Halloween? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below!

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