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LEGO Icons 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 reviews question accessories

LEGO Icons 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90’s first reviews have arrived, questioning the many included accessories for the high price.

10317 Land Rover Classic Defender is launching in just over two weeks, or earlier for LEGO VIP members. Ahead of its launch, the customisable Land Rover creation has had its review surface online. The slate of opinions and impressions paints a picture of what to expect from the latest LEGO Icons set, though not everyone is entirely positive about the build.

Here’s what the early reviews for 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 had to say about its accuracy, new parts and colours, price and more.

— Set details —

ThemeLEGO Icons Set name10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 Release: April 1, 2023, for VIPs, April 4, 2023, for everyone
Price: £209.99 / $239.99 / €239.99 Pieces: 2,336
LEGOApril 1, 2023, for VIPs, April 4, 2023, for everyone

Accessories seem random and bump up the price

LEGO Icons 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 tiago catarinoLEGO Icons 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 tiago catarino
Image: Tiago Catarino

10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 features additional builds to customise the appearance of your copy. However, that’s not necessarily a good thing as the multitude of accessories may have raised the price of the build.

“It’s good that you can elect to load it up with expedition supplies or leave them off so that it’s more suited to use in the urban jungle, but the rack and accessories have added considerably to the piece count,” states Brickset. “You’ll be left with a large pile of pieces that perhaps you’d wish that you hadn’t had to pay for.”

Tiago Catarino agrees with the sentiment, believing that around $20 to $30 could have been saved on the price without the accessories for customisation.

Sariel’s Bricks and Pets argues that the accessories aren’t as accurate as they should be either, despite the scale. “The tools look too much like bunches of LEGO pieces rather than tools with the handles being too thin and the axe and hammer built at a seemingly smaller scale. The ladder and ramps are clearly too thin and the fire extinguisher appears to be a bit oversized.”

It replicates the Land Rover aesthetic, arguably

As a LEGO Icons model, the focus of 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 is split between form and functionality, though whether it achieves the latter is a point that the reviews seem equally split on.

“I’m actually really impressed at how it turned out in a way that wasn’t compromising to the overall aesthetic,” said Brick Banter. “We get a significantly better building experience and final overall aesthetic that is really hard to come by in some of these car sets”

Sariel’s Bricks & Pets argues that part of the vehicle isn’t as good as it could be with a new element. “With the roof rack removed it’s evident that the shape of this windscreen is wrong and the pillars made of stickers aren’t fooling anyone. I can’t put my finger on it but the silhouette of this set looks a little off like it’s too tall.”

Looking at the provided diagram,s the shaping of 10317 Land Rover Defender 90 isn’t perfect though whether a one-to-one recreation is possible with the LEGO Group’s design standards is another question.

It’s better than the Technic version

10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 is the second LEGO Land Rover set following 42110 Land Rover Defender in 2019 and is based on the classic version of the car model. However, Brick Banter believes that the new version is an improvement, not that the 2023 set forgets its roots.

“When looking backwards and comparing it to the Technic version of the set from yesteryear, this one is a huge step forward in its evolution,” notes Brick Banter.

As showcased by Brickset, the LEGO Icons set still uses Technic for the chassis and suspension, arguably carrying on the legacy of the first Land Rover set in the upcoming build.

The iconic colour scheme is useful

LEGO Icons 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 brick banterLEGO Icons 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 brick banter
Image: Brick Banter

Based on an iconic colour scheme, 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 includes a multitude of new and returning parts in sand green, some for the first time, a point that Brick Banter praises the set for. “The model is in a solid sand green colour, which is not a colour that has had much versatility in parts over the last few years.

10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 is clearly based on the heritage edition of the classic Defender and that’s cool and we’re getting plenty of new pieces in sand green this way.”

However, Sariel’s Bricks and Pets believes that there is a better option for the LEGO Icons set, one that could also provide some pieces in new colours. “I would much prefer the Camel Trophy version in tan and black because it seems more iconic and interesting.”

— Summary —

10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 seems partially divisive in its early reviews with arguments on both sides for many of its features. However, most seem to agree that the accessories are an expensive addition that wasn’t necessarily needed. 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 is available from April 4, 2023, for £209.99 / $239.99 / €239.99 but LEGO VIP members can pick it up early starting from April 1.

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