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LEGO Monkie Kid 2022 sets revealed! Monkie Kid goes to the moon!

LEGO Monkie Kid 2022 Feature Photo

We have more previews of 2022 LEGO sets, with new 2022 Monkie Kid sets being revealed on!

Releasing 1 January 2022 worldwide, we see LEGO continue to explore the mythos surrounding Sun Wukong, and the Journey to the West, with more fantastical elements of the story being traversed such as a visit to Chang’e on the moon!

Out of the 2022 Monkie Kid Wave, there is one standout set – 80036 The City of Lanterns, which is surprisingly cost-effective, and features a multi-level Monkie Kid city, that’s reminiscent of Ninjago City.

Here’s a list of these 6 LEGO Monkie Kid sets which will be released on 1 January 2022. See below for regional pricing, and direct links to the product pages.

Let’s check the sets out in more details!

LEGO 80036 The City of Lanterns (2,187 pieces)

80036 The City of Lanterns Box
80036 The City of Lanterns Set Photo

80036 The City of LanternsUS$149.99 / AU$229.99 / £114.99

7x Minifigures: Monkie Kid in a tourist outfit, Mr. Tang, Mei, Pigsy, Han, Huang and a train driver, plus buildable Citybot A05 and Citybot A16 robots

First if all, wow, what an incredibly stunning set that borrows heavily from the famed Ninjago City set.

80036 City of Lanterns is a sprawling dense Monkie Kid metropolis, featuring a LEGO toy shop, hotel, Speedy Panda store, 2 restaurants, karaoke booth, bubble tea café and a rapid transit train and track that weaves its way around the city.

At 2178 pieces, this seems like a steal and it does feel like LEGO have lowered the overall price of Monkie Kid sets, perhaps to drive more fans towards them as they were rather expensive at full price.

80036 The City of Lanterns Modules
80036 The City of Lanterns Alternate Model

A really neat feature about The City of Lanterns is the modular nature of it, giving you limitless options to customise the layout of the city whichever way you want.

Like Ninjago City, The City of Lanterns is oozing with new elements and references aplenty. I’m also really excited that LEGO have produced a brand new minifigure accessory – chopsticks!

80036 The City of Lanterns Minifigures

This is very likely a Day 1 purchase for me on 1 January 2022, and I cannot wait to get my hands on this set.

LEGO 80035 Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer (1356 pieces)

80035 Monkie Kids Galactic Explorer BOx
80035 Monkie Kids Galactic Explorer Set Photo

80035 Monkie Kid’s Galactic ExplorerUS$129.99 / AU$169.99 / £89.99

6x Minifigures: Monkie Kid, Mei, Sandy and Mr. Tang in space outfits and Shadow Monkeys Rumble and Savage, plus a Robot Mo figure.

80035 Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer isn’t particularly new as it was revealed earlier this month at LEGO’s booth at CIIE, but it’s great to get more high resolution photos, as well as a better look at the minifigures, and box art of this ship.

Now that we’ve seen the entire January 2022 Monkie Kid range, the rocket ship which sends Monkie Kid and his crew to the moon finally makes sense, making this set a pivotal vehicle, as they head to the moon to meet Chang’e!

LEGO 80034 Nezha’s Fire Ring (929 pieces)

80034 Nezhas Fire Ring Box
80034 Nezhas Fire Ring Set Photo
80034 Nezhas Fire Ring Minifigures

80034 Nezha’s Fire RingUS$99.99 / AU$129.99 / £69.99

6x Minifigures: Nezha, Monkie Kid, Monkey King, Evil Macaque, White Bone Demon and Savage

This set introduces what I assume is a new major character – Nezha, a deity of protection from Chinese mythology and journey to the west. It also sees the return of the White Bone Demon, and the Evil Macaques to round out the cast.

80034 Nezhas Fire Ring Fire Ring

I’m really intrigued by Nezha’s Fire Ring monowheel vehicle, which looks like a lot of fun, assuming the wheel and stability works as intended.

LEGO 80033 Evil Macaque’s Mech (893 pieces)

80033 Evil Macaques Mech Box
80033 Evil Macaques Mech Set Photo

80033 Evil Macaque’s MechUS$39.99 / AU$99.99 / £54.99

5x Minifigures: Mei, Monkie Kid, Evil Macaque, Rumble and Sandy minifigure

It wouldnt be a Monkie Kid wave without a mech, and Evil Macaque, one of Monkie Kid’s primary antagonists finally gets his own Mech to go toe to toe against MK!

I’m not sure what they’re feeding the Evil Macaques, but this mech looks absolutely RIPPED. Look at the size of its arms!

As a fan of LEGO mechs, this is also a must-buy for me, and I particularly love the two-tone black and red mech colour-scheme, and how organic it looks – it looks more like a giant articulated ape, than it does a “mech”.

Another interesting thing to note: if you look at the Evil Macaque’s Mech right (black) arm, I think that’s a new joint there, which offers new points of articulation.

I’ll be really keen to see what it’s like in the flesh, but it looks like great news for LEGO mech builders and fans!

80033 Evil Macaques Mech Minifigures

LEGO 80032 Chang’e Moon Cake Factory (609 pieces)

80032 Change Moon Cake Factory Box
80032 Change Moon Cake Factory Set Photo
80032 Change Moon Cake Factory Minifigures

80032 Chang’e Moon Cake FactoryUS$69.99 / AU$79.99 / £44.99

3x Minifigures: Chang’e, Lunar Rabbit Robot with a carrot gun and Pigsy in a space outfit

Now here’s a really fun one, and a set I’m also really excited about! Monkie Kid heads to the moon, and who do they find there? Chang’e, the Moon Goddess, as well as the Jade Rabbit (also known as the Moon Rabbit), a mythical creature that lives on the lunar surface.

80032 Change Moon Cake Factory Set Action Photo

80032 Chang’e Moon Cake Factory flips the mythology on the head, with a Moon Rabbit mech (piloted by 2 bunnies), and get this a rocket in the shape of a carrot!

It’s a superbly fun spin on Chang’e and the Jade Rabbit story, and I also love that there’s a mooncake factory on the moon as well. The mythology here lays the foundation for the Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival, and is personally one of my favourite seasonal traditional Chinese holidays.

LEGO 80031 Mei’s Dragon Car (456 pieces)

80031 Meis Dragon Car Box
80031 Meis Dragon Car Set Photo
80031 Meis Dragon Car Minifigures

80031 Mei’s Dragon CarUS$49.99 / AU$69.99 / £34.99

4x Minifigures: Mei with a Jade Dragon Blade, Monkie Kid with The Golden Staff and Cloud Board, plus map and compass elements, and Rumble and Savage

LEGO 80030 Monkie Kid’s Staff Creations (309 pieces)

80030 Monkie Kids Staff Creations Box
80030 Monkie Kids Staff Creations Set Photo

80030 Monkie Kid’s Staff CreationsUS$34.99 / AU$49.99 / £24.99

Minifigures: Monkie Kid, Monkey King

Now here’s a fun little twist on the Creator 3-in-1 formula, and keeping to the in-universe lore. 80030 Monkie Kid’s Staff Creations has 3 different modes that you can build – a mech, race car and jet, as well as 2 minifigures.

You’re encouraged to mash the pieces together, which is meant to simulate the Monkey King’s magical staff’s ability to transform to anything!

Overall, I think this is a really strong wave of Monkie Kid sets, and a fantastic start to 2022. This strong showing (and the fact that there’ll be a Monkie Kid zone in Legoland Shanghai) signals that this theme is going nowhere, and LEGO are going to dig deep into Chinese mythology for more inspiration and stories to base their sets around.

The new wave of Monkie Kid sets will be available on from 1 January 2022 onwards!

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