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LEGO NINJAGO 10 Year Anniversary Discussion with Between the Bricks

Hi everyone, my name, is dan from between the bricks and i have with me april and matt from the bricks king podcast. We are lucky enough to be joined today by the two tommy’s and ninjago fan artist joshua.

How are you all welcome to the show? How is everybody thank you. Thank you. Thank you, nice to be here excellent, excellent, so uh tommy k we’re just going to give you a minute if you can introduce yourself to everyone that’ll, be great thanks, yeah, so yeah tommy, kelmar tommy k.

Oh and lego, you know i’m, the other. The other one is tell me it’s like an institution and at lego. No, i am um it’s short. I’m. Like i’m, the transmedia story guy, so i very much tried to build bridge and integrate develop stories across our platforms from tv show, campaign, licensing and books, and all these things to really you know ultimately um create a great holiday on an always Relevant experience throughout the year, i think that’s.

In short, i guess that makes me institution tommy uh, so i’ve, been with legos for 19 years. At this point – and i’ve been working with ninjago since 2009, when it was just like lego, ninja never been able to leave it ever since still working on it into the future here, and i’ve also been involved in other Franchises, like legends of chima, nexo, knights, hidden hidden sites, so i right now what i’m.

Doing mostly is producing the the content, meaning the tv series running the story room that’s, that’s all the same thing, and then we have josh yeah. I like how you started off with the two like i feel like.

I should have gone first so that you know the disappointment is sort of uh no um yeah. I’m joshua. I’m. A uh ninjago fan artist. I’ve been uh. I’ve, been a fan of it since day, one um yeah, i’ve, been doing art for pretty much all my life.

I started doing the ninjago stuff in high school and yeah. I think it’s safe to say that joshua, you really got noticed a few years ago, when i kind of oh, the higgman started, retweeting, sweetie and tweeting it, and everyone was super impressed about it, which is also the point where we, i guess We realized that oh wait.

This is not just a children’s thing anymore, like we really have some people that have grown up with it, and you know, justice. Art is definitely not children’s drawings, so we could most definitely not.

Yes, so there’s, a really interesting thing: that’s happened with some of joshua’s, fan art and uh. You know it’s. Part of the reason why we’re here today to talk about it and where did that relationship start so you know, can you take us back to um? You know when joshua first did start getting noticed and and how you guys developed from there? How did this sort of all come about? Well, i think it’s been a relatively new equate acquaintance, at least officially i mean i’ve, been obviously i’ve been on twitter for since 2016, something like that interacting with fans when i at comic-con realized that People were coming up and talking to me and those weren’t kids.

Those were teenagers so like what’s. What’s going on here? So i i started to look a bit into twitter and that fan culture and that’s. Oh there’s, something going on here, and this is where we we first saw joshua’s, arts and uh.

You know there were some interactions between, i guess joshua and the hegemons, but it hasn’t been until this last six months or something like that where joshua got involved in the lego city, gardens project and that actually happened without me noticing or knowing About it and uh, i guess josh um, we kind of struck up an acquaintance, acquaintances by it by chance in a different way, but uh.

Then i learned that he was involved in ninjago gardens. It was. It was actually funny because we were sitting in the team. Uh, i was at that point in the marketing team and again following and also been following on twitter all the stuff happening around fan, art and fan fiction, and then suddenly, i think, georgia.

You were tweeting around. You know building this ultimate poster and – and i was just like this is amazing – that we have fans still occupied, and so you know in in all of this world and we kind of brought this idea forward.

Like hey, let’s. Talk to this guy, you know, look at all these amazing stuff that he has been bringing out through the years uh. So so that was just you know, elevated that discussion too too. Certainly he was, he was asked politely or i have been thought.

I hope he was polite to do this, because we just really wanted to to make that um. You know, become part of that celebration yeah, so we actually have a copy of that poster which we’ll. Take a look at now on uh joshua.

Can you just talk us through uh the development of the poster and your art style, because it’s? Uh? It’s, clearly quite different to what you would have expected um when you would expect to see lego minifigures, but it’s.

Not so tell us your side uh. This is about the pilot poster yeah yeah, so um. This is actually a one in a series of posters that i’ve done uh. I started off with samsung garmadon um. That was the first poster i did and whenever i posted it, i got a lot of attention on it and i realized that hey.

I should go back and do all the other seasons um. So i i started with uh dave. The departed went on to uh. I don’t, remember the order after that, but i just said like them as i got inspiration for it, so not in order.

I think i did the pilot one like kind of last um and i did all of all of them before hunted came out and then i did the hunted posters and then the march of the yoni poster and so on and um so yeah. This is just like you know the the pilot poster it’s, um uh.

As for my style uh, i really like the idea of just like you know: humanizing um things that aren’t really, like meant to be like humanized. I guess, like i uh before minifigures, i would draw like minecraft skins in my own style, and i like the idea of like taking something that’s, not that’s like blocky.

You know it’s. It has a very like a very limited design and then turning it into like a realistic version of itself, so that’s, um. Why i draw the ninja like that yeah and um yeah. My art style is very inconsistent.

I like developing, like whatever i can, have you applied the ninjas to minecraft skins. Yet no! Well, you’re. Welcome for that new idea. I think he has enough to do already. Actually, that’s, one of the that’s, one of the places i think we broke a new ground a bit with ninjago back in 2010 11 when we developed this, because we got some concept, artists involved on it, christian dom and Greg sellers from the from canada – and they actually did these more paintedly uh posters than what lego usually do do, and you know that that became a big part about ninjago’s, identity with the the playing cards that followed with the spinners, and it Was just very very invigorating to see that that kind of style then being interpreted and translated into these more well realistic, humanoid figures, so it’s just been a joy to see that develop over the years.

I think also. That was part of why we really like looked at at joshua style and no because, as i also said you know, you can just sense the his love and fascination of this story world. You know it’s, it’s, it’s, just it.

You know it proved that it’s. The brain is, you know it’s out of our hands. You know really. It is beyond the minifig, it’s beyond, and he sees them through the characters that they are uh, regardless of whether you know they have the minifigure.

He sees him, see them as people. I think it’s just amazing, and that’s. Why it’s so relevant in the 10th year to kind of make that statement that that’s. Where the brand is today – and i i can think say it – it’s that was safely part of you know.

Maybe you will like this or not joshua, but that was part of inspiring that we explored different styles in ninjago, like we have the episodes that came out, which was more anime, inspired with ultraviolet versus nia and that kind of thing or sane versus uh ultraviolet.

So the idea that oh ninjago, doesn’t really have to be lego anymore. It can be something else and why don’t. We also play around with that just a bit and that’s, that’s. Where this is going to lead me, because i’ve been waiting for you guys to touch on this.

I was waiting for the generic part of this um. What you were talking about tommy a few seasons ago, when you guys, went and did that kind of anime style? I know you had put out on twitter hey. This is kind of different, be ready.

I’m, really excited about this, and i know there were a lot of people that are like. Oh, my god is ninjago ending what is happening. What did you do to it and it turned out really interesting. You’ve done it.

I know in a few different seasons uh most recently, whatever the last season is, but tell me kind of how that came about, because it was something that i found very interesting. It’s away from the minifigure type stuff too.

That would you consider it more anime, uh well anime. I think that needs to be produced in japan or something like that. But you’ve, seen it we’ve. We’ve, just done different episodes in different styles.

We did the one from the mountain which was more of a spoof of those he-man cartoons from the 80s, so that was more in that style. So it’s. It’s really just you know, having fun with it, and that’s. What we kind of realized that ninjago could become this playground of hey.

Why don’t, we have fun with it. We don’t always need to take ourselves so seriously. Sometimes we can just say: hey. Let’s. Try this thing over here and then we can gauge a reaction. You know good or bad, but at least there’s.

A reaction – and we learned something from it as well, and i can promise you this – that’s, not something that we we’re finished experimenting with, as you will also be able to see very soon, see. Look at the teaser there.

Oh yeah, on on that kind of similar note a few years ago, a few seasons ago, you guys decided to change the format for the time frame for where it went from a 22 minute episode to an 11 minute episode and some people i know in the Community have said: well there’s, not a whole lot of um the story, isn’t as deep, because you have half the time.

So where did the change? Where was the decision to change the uh? Maybe tommy k, you might have some really good input here with us, but where did it come from to decide to hey? We’re going to 11-minute episodes.

I think, ultimately, it comes down to that. We’re, making content that needs a home. You know that we’re, we’re, we’re producing content and then hopefully we want to get out and of course there are waves of of trends and business models of what works, what content works and all these Things so, and we’re constantly in those dialogues.

We’re constantly open because again we want our stuff. Together we can’t just sit in our ivory tower and sit. You know it needs to be this format and then, if no one, you know, buys the content or we don’t get airing time um.

So it’s, something we as an organization very very mindful of – and this was really a time where you know 11 minutes was just you know, let we we need to try this out. You know, for various reasons. One one reason was that we we wanted a kind of a break to say we we need to be mindful getting new kids in and that kind of format could also help us.

You know make it a little more easy, given the less deeper narrative with 11 minutes, but of course it gave us different challenges creatively because we were used to working. You know, 22, you know the the hagerman’s approach, which was really defining the.

How we we come about the tv show, so it gave us various restrictions to it, but i think ultimately, coming into 22, with with the two seasons of uh prime empire and master mountain. Really you don’t talk 22, just yet no spoilers, and i think we really mastered that because again it’s all about exploitation and exploration.

I think that’s, also something that’s becoming a a a key for us actually now that we’re, actually leaning any more and more into this, you know how ninjago is not necessarily confined to a formatter confined To to a particular amount of minutes, so it’s.

It’s becoming more more interesting to telling stories, and you know maybe will change again, maybe won’t. You know, i think it’s. It’s, it’s, opened up new doors to us in the way we think and again also with how tommy and the rest of the writers are working with.

The show of you know exploring side characters that we would never do as before. You know, because now this is really the format to do that. Yeah yeah. I can say that we were seriously nervous about this thing.

Like transition. Can we actually make this work um? But i think we’ve, actually kind of mastered it over a few seasons. Now i think what i really like about the 11 minute format, like the 22 minute format as well, but 11 minutes forces you to be really really efficient with your time.

It’s, not like you, take it 22 minutes and just split it apart, and then you have 11 and 11 here. Normally, you would take one idea and spend 22 minutes on that. But now you have 11 minutes. So you need two different ideas and then you ‘

Ve got to be really efficient with your storytelling on that. It was also a bit of a conscious choice when we went to 11 minutes that this is the time where we take a little break. Now we go a little easy.

We can do stories where the ninja are not in the thick of it all all the time it’s like okay, let’s. Let’s, relax! Let ‘ S get to know these people, let’s, take it slow and then throw in these episodes that that doesn’t seem to matter, but it’s just good fun, but i, i think, uh, you know talking 2021 and 2022, i think you will see that we are getting into the territory where okay stuff matters, and you will see that curve of intensity really really ramping up in stuff to come, and so it is kind of in in 2019.

Second half year. We really wanted to welcome new viewers on board, let’s, take it easy and and let’s, get back up to speed uh and now we’re, really getting it’s really going to start to Move fast now so is that is that the reason why the episode count stopped at the number, whatever i can’t remember.

What number was is that why the uh, the titles of the episodes are no longer numbered, they’re. Just hey: this is the title of the episode because you’re trying to you were trying to reinvent, not reinvent but trying to bring on that new group of people um.

There was an ex aspect to it that we had some outside input that a number like episode 103 can be very intimidating, because that’s, not a place. You want to start. You need to watch this episode, but there’s.

A 102 episodes before that one and then there was also the idea that maybe some of these episodes are more interchangeable. We still have like episode arcs, but you know you could actually take a bunch of these episodes, say the different, the special style episode and bunch.

Those together and the order of them wouldn’t really matter much. So it was a kind of an attempt to give the orange audience to you know don’t scare them off and give them an opportunity to join where they feel it’s safe.

I think also, given the nature of ninjago. You know it’s almost like it’s, a soap opera for kids. You know that it’s very, very a rare show that you know that is really everything is just deepening. He all the time.

You know like bold, of the beautiful, bold and the beautiful or days of our lives, [, Laughter, ] and, i think, also coming to march of the oni, and i think also that was part of the the that trilogy approach with sons of government on haunted march.

We only want to make a you know a bigger journey with three. You know pieces to together that at you know, we can ‘ T keep doing that formula if we want to take that break to get new kids involved.

So i think the thing is it only opened up again, even though us involved, we know it’s, the law was coming, you know it’s, a continuation, but again it’s. As i said, i see it there’s, a technicality that we’ve removed the number but just focusing on the title, but it’s like this amazing blessing and a curse situation.

We find ourselves in where we know we are making a show for kids, it needs to be accessible to the kids, and then we have this barrage of fans that know what they want and know the backstory better than tommy, and i don’t.

Do as well so it’s like oh. We always have to keep their perspective in mind because they’re. The reason why we’re still around so it’s. It’s, trying to balance those two demographics in a way where we feel okay, here’s, the good balance – and i guess josh – can speak to that.

He he would have left at this point if he, if he really hated what we were doing now. Oh man yeah they don ‘ T call me the lord master for nothing um. So congratulations on 10 years by the way that’s, a massive accomplishment um.

Is there any point during the 10 years that that you’re, most proud of with the series or something that you & # 39? Ve worked on that that you’re, the most excited about well, that’s like asking which of your children.

Do you love more? We all know there’s, a favorite, okay. I thought that was an easy answer. Well, that’s the loose over here and then the one i really loved. No, it’s not like that. No i mean that’s stiff.

I think there’s, advantages to to everything you know. Obviously there’s like oh, we don’t, have the hegemons right now. How do we pick that up now? We we’re, bringing braggy on board. Now it’s, frankie’s.

Show i mean, i think i’ve, just been consistently proud that we’ve, been able to do something that no other show really has done. At least in my knowledge is like 10 years of unin uh unc uh un interrupted an uncorrupted continuity.

I mean all right some people there may be some holes that haven’t been explained yet, but rest assured they they are explained um. So i think that’s, the biggest accomplishment. That is really that. Okay, we’ve, been able to do this and and and made it made, make made a law that is developing and continuing over the course of 10 years and that’s, going to be some really big and new deep cut.

Lore things revealed in 2021, i think also for me, it’s, a bigger franchise thing. You know, of course, one thing. Of course, we’re discussing tv show, but given a franchise like ninjago, which is about ninja, uh saving saving the realm, you know, then, for me, a big epiphany was to when certainly fans were producing this um.

What was he called a nintiago pride where fans were coming together and really just speaking to the camera, what what ninjago meant to them – and we were also internally actually becoming more aware that this is a deeper cut.

This is deeper story world. That is just it’s, not just about ninja, and we got confirmation when hearing kids, boys and girls from all over the world telling of you know the deeper the deeper layers of of this world, what they meant to them.

I think that was a huge for us internally to kind of realize that you know this. We’re, not off on this one. This. This feels like a this really, you know real it’s. It’s, something that it’s, not just action as it’s, not just entertainment.

I think for me, that is what i’m, really proud of, and so and now we have tenure and we more than ever are so on. On top of that understanding, what really works, what is really indiago about, and what we need to be careful about not ruining, but we need to you know, keep keep vibrant, keep fresh because we know it it is.

It is something that is, you know it. It’s, meaningful yeah, that’s, the word it’s, it’s, it’s meaningful than just uh entertainment, or you know, action, toys and breaks. I mean what’s. What’s really amazing.

Is that when we hear some kids talk about this or some teenagers, this has the same value to them as star wars has some to someone like me and, as you can probably tell i’m in star wars fan and that’S like that’s, the foundation i was built on when i was 10 years old, and you know i i can’t, get rid of it.

Take star wars away from me and like then, i’m just evaporating and i cease to exist and some people. I guess, feel that way about the jargon that’s, just like mind boggling to me, and you know, talk about deep.

Then you know one day you get a email like from joshua about. Oh, i’m. Putting this map of ninjago together, all the location needs to make sense, and it needs to be plotted into a map here’s. What i have so far, what do you feel about this, and just like, oh jesus, so that’s? Quite excuse me that’s, quite timely.

We actually have the map, so we’re, going to pull that up and joshua. You can talk us through the development of that map and uh. You know how that came about. Well, we’ll, just uh. We’ll, bring it up very shortly.

Oh jesus, i got to show you the uh, the original map that i did back in 2016.. That was horrifying um. How do i am i able to send pictures here? If you, if you have it on, you, can screen share down the bottom there gotcha, okay um! So while we’re waiting for joshua, what came first, the lego ninjago sets or the lego ninjago show who influenced two in the very beginning.

Well, that’s, that’s back in 2009 way back uh when we were trying to come up with concepts for a new homegrown, lego theme and lego. Atlantis had had come out a few years prior and that had some content, and that was a relative success.

So the idea that, oh, why don’t we develop something where the story is an integral part of the play theme from the very beginning. That was really the thing. So a small team of around six people were assembled and i was lucky enough to be one of them where we started coming up.

What’s, the concepts going to be what’s? It look. Can we make this work? What about a ninja theme, and from that you know it was a lot of testing finding out who’s, got the bad guys going to be what level of fantasy are we gonna have um uh, you know, then the idea of the spinner Came around can we actually physically fight with these ninjas and and then from that, oh spinjitsu, oh, and you know it was like back and forth back and forth the whole time and golden weapons and oh the weapons that created the world.

So you know it all happened like in one one big sweep of creative ideas over actually relatively few months, and that’s. When we then had the puzzle come together, then that was when the ligaments were brought on board and then really helped shape.

It into what it became. Can you just just explain a little bit what the hegemons are. Oh, the hegemons are dan and kevin hageman, who are script writers out of hollywood. They have been writing a lot of stuff uh, even for spielberg and at the time hadn’t actually had anything produced, so they had pitched a version of the lego ninjago movie earlier in 2010.

I believe it was, but that wasn’t really going anywhere. So we kind of inherited these guys because, oh now we know them. Maybe they can help us out with this thing and that just turned out to be such a blessing, because their approach was that this needs to be taken seriously, and we’re thinking this as a hollywood blockbuster, okay, okay, so that’S what we’re, doing and uh.

I think that’s, really something that worked for the theme and resonated with the kids. It’s. Okay, this is something that matters have you got your map there there josh. I do hang on one second [ Music, ] uh.

Oh i put over my second screen down here. There we go and yeah. I got it. We can put in some elevated music here right yeah! Oh, my god is tranquility. I um i didn’t have any like geographical references, so basically there were no maps at the time.

So basically it was. I went to the wiki, i went to every location and then i um kind of just kind of read the bio for them and guesstimated, where they were so obviously oro. Boris was in the sea of sand um, you know, uh sticks was down here to me.

Apparently i missed a part of it being like east here yeah, but you can see that, like the fire temple is just you know it’s, not even close um, and then you get. You know the one that i the one that i drew recently, which is right behind this one.

So i’m gonna close this one out and we’ll bring this one in yeah there we go that’s. The new one, so if there’s, no reference for the map in the beginning, how could it have been wrong? You’re right, actually well, um.

I think there was actually the uh there were no locations on it, but there was the um the map from skybound. I think that had like the layout like that i just copied from here um, so i had the the shape of the island, but it was actually first shown way back in season two uh when the the dark island is raised out of the ocean um.

It’s shown for life in that aerial, footage, uh, and that’s, where you see the shape of ninjago for the first time, and it was based on the sketch. I just gave to the will film guys and if you look carefully – and you can also see that on josh’s map, it’s, it’s.

Two dragon embryos that are kind of hunched over in a yin yang shape and that’s. Also. What caves that’s, you know works with the idea that this was once a connected master plan that was split by the fresh producer master, so throughout the development of the map tommy.

Did it realize your vision of what you thought the map was going to be and what sort of input did you have into joshua? I i had actually done a similar exercise back in 2005, but that was only to the point of possession.

So beyond that it was, it was not complete at all um but joshua pestered me to to join him in this exercise, and i think he spent like 10 hours of night meetings for me, uh triangulating, all the travels and all the mentions of locations in um.

In episodes and how, when they need to go from here to here and in what appears to be an eight hour span, so i guess the distance is up about this and um yeah, so we we spent some hours putting together our best version of this.

So this is, i guess, as endorsed by me as you can get, but the only reason why i brought them on was that i haven’t justified my locations to people charlie says so yeah, but it’s. It’s uh. It is a bit after the fact, admittedly uh, but i think this is as as good as you can get it actually.

Are we likely to see this as a little easter egg in an upcoming episode as a image on the wall in somebody’s house? Well, you’re. Welcome for the idea, by the way i’m following them today. This particular one: no, but if you look closely for some of joshua’s, arts in coming episodes, you will be able to spot some of it that’s.

All i’ll, say at this point way to go. Tommy now you’re gonna have people watching this video that are going to be going back through the files going back through the lure like, oh my goodness, this is coming dude.

Oh, my goodness, you’re. Just you’re teasing the fan base, oh, that’s, good! That’s. This is how you get the fan base glued to the screen. It’s, just perfect, absolutely perfect! Let’s, see what it’s going to do is going to get people to like go back to my twitter page and like look through all my art and see what the most likely thing is and it’s.

Going to be the most likely thing you’ve ever like you could have guessed yeah. Just look! Look for the ugliest and dumbest thing: [ Laughter ], oh man, yeah! At the end of the day, you could inspire some sort of dream where one of the characters just goes into a dream world and they become a lifelike.

You know human character, just like another famous cartoon did the same thing going into the lego world opportunities options. They’re all there if you need an ideas guy on your team, all right, i think dan’s, just trying to get his credits in the show in the future.

My last [ Laughter ]. So how much influence do you guys have over um over the sets, because, like obviously um, we’ve heard that in the ninjago city garden set, there are some special little easter eggs from the show within the set? Was that brought on by you guys or uh? If you look at the look at how we collaborate – and you know, work on tv show, tommy is heading up the the the tv show and then we are other people.

You know, with with different links into different branches of the organization, to make sure you know is the is the dna of the franchise intact? How are we integrating the product all these things, so we have designers that is pretty close to tv, show development and really knows also the ins and outs of of of the law and also can chip in there.

So it is, you know, organic collaboration with people that are already you know in the know with that, just on the design side, and then they may reach out uh. If they’re endowed or be taken into the loop.

If it’s me or tommy a to come on, you know if we have some feedback or some additional ideas, but nevertheless, design team usually have strong ideas because they’re. Also, very very er are into all the stories all the episodes yeah.

Absolutely. I only saw the final version of uh the set a few days ago, and i didn’t know that you know the same statue from rebooting would be in there. It’s, just like nice, so stuff like that. It’s.

They really just work it in there themselves because they have such in depth knowledge and they, you know on something like this. They hardly need our input. It’s; it’s, just great to not be involved and then see what what comes out of it.

Definitely so over the years uh. As far as the lego sets have concerned, how many of them have you guys collected? Uh josh, you go first, oh okay, so i was a day one um like set fan uh. Whenever it came out, i didn’t know there was a show because i didn’t really watch tv as a kid um.

So i was 14 at the time, but anyway, so uh that’s. How you get good get good at art like spend your spend your time somewhere else, yeah um uh yeah. I bought like all the most of the pilot sets. Um i didn’t buy all of the uh.

The serpentine sets because i didn’t, have any money because i was 14. and around rebooted. I realized there was a. There was a show, or i realized like how to how to watch the show um, which was uh 144 p on my ipod touch um, so i watched it and then i got back into like the the sets i bought most of the rebooted sets, and then I went back and bought all the final battle sets and then i’ve been collecting ever since.

So i have um most of the pilot. I have very few serpentine all of the final battle um and it just goes on. You can see right there. I have the movie bounty movie bounty right there um, i ‘ Ve got a lot more in my closet, but i’m kind of like in a temporary room right now, so most of it’s in storage.

Well, as for me, i i think i had less than 10 sets. Actually i, whenever there’s, something that’s really important, but i feel like hope. This is the essence of the show like the destiny’s bounty or the monastery, the temple of light or some of the dragons.

I picked that up, but you know i like things without studs [, Laughter ]. So, for instance, i’m, a big star wars fan i don’t collect lego, star wars, because i, like my models to be, you know more movie, accurate sure enough.

Yeah. I have a lot of data in diagon movie stuff and i think it’s just uh due to the effect they’re, so basically built and big, and i think also it was like a turning point – design wise. They’re coming out a movie, certainly you know because they they were so amazing and those those products, whether it was the the big ninjago city or did the destiny’s, bounty that also actually influenced the designs coming out of that Uh of of how we should amp up our products or or the detail level of it um.

So i have a lot of those excellent. I have ninjago city the original one um, but it’s kind of hidden away right off, like the screen. Um, i really wanted to get the docs, but i missed out on it and now it’s like five hundred dollars and what are your thoughts on uh, the ninjago city? Gardens? I absolutely love it.

I love all of the. I love that it’s, not like a movie set, so you can have all of the references like to the show yeah like i love the titanium zane statue over on the left, and just i saw like other pictures of it.

It was like the museum and uh. There was chen’s, uh chen’s, noodle house, which is great it’s. It looks incredible, i think, also the a lot of the sentiment behind the ninjago city. Gardens was to you know in opposition to the ninjago city.

From from the movie was to you know, 100 percent leaned into the universe of the tv show, which then, of course, naturally, you know satisfy a lot of of of the hardcore fans of getting those nuggets. And then there was in india city one which of course was leaning into the world of of the movie yeah, and this says will be the first time you were able to get the mechanic which i’m.

I was very pleasantly surprised about that. For you a few days ago, because uh we’re doing stuff with him still in the tv show, so that’s, just it’s very nice to see those things and, as i said, i i don’t give much input on these things, so it’s just great.

Whenever you know it’s, it’s like oh something i didn’t expect, but i really really – and i really didn’t know i need it, but now i need it. So i ‘ Ll probably pick this up for that one figure yeah and we also get the first ever uh blind bowl cut here, hussain right and also it’s, a must-have for everyone who’s got all of this season’s.

Uh sets because um, obviously the the 10-year anniversary figures, which is going to create an absolutely beautiful little display just on their own yeah, excellent, all right, any final questions, um! No! I’m.

I’m, looking forward to people getting their hands on that set for because there’s, actually a little more to it than people know. At this point there will be a great component of music attached to it um.

So you’ll, be able to listen while you’re built and it’s. Absolutely stunning phenomenal that’s exciting. So i’m gonna walk around the street on with with my headphones on just bebop, into ninjago music all day.

Well, you’re, probably more going to be in the fighting mode. So don’t don’t, wear it it’s like oh, the amping off of your um, like everyone needs me right now exactly you have a score. You have a score.

That kind of you know affects what you’re doing the mood if it’s battle mode or it’s like sentimental or you’re, going to find yourself super sad at some point: [ Laughter, ], Tick tock. I want that’s, brilliant all right guys.

Thank you! So much to uh tommy k, tommy, a and joshua for joining uh, the bricks king podcast april b and myself here today for this discussion. It’s been really enlightening and i’ve really enjoyed the time with you guys.

So, thank you very much. We look forward to the future episodes and seasons of ninjago and hey. You know. Maybe in the future we’ll, get the opportunity to sit down and do this again one day. I would love that excellent thanks.

Very nice commute it’s, nice to communicate with well-educated and nice people bye. All thank you. Bye!

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