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LEGO Overwatch returns! First look at 76980 Titan!

76980 Overwatch Titan

After an extended hiatus, LEGO Overwatch is back for 2022, with at least one new set being revealed – 76980 Titan!

The set, which has an unknown release date includes 2 minifigures, Tracer (who featured in the first wave of Overwatch from 2018), and fan-favourite Mei who makes her debut as a minifigure.

76980 Overwatch Titan Set
76980 Overwatch Titan Set Action

The Titan is a large mech, and is a large robot, whose designs were stolen by the Omnics during the Omnic Crisis.

image 2

It was featured heavily in the Overwatch 2 sequel announcement cinematic, and looks to play a central role in the gameplay, where you’ll have to team up with other players to take it down – much like a raid boss.

[embedded content]

The strange thing about this reveal is… that Overwatch 2, which was announced 2 years ago has been mired in delays, and won’t even be released in 2022, making it likely to see a 2023 launch… so this reveal seems very much an accidental one, as I doubt LEGO would release a licensed set without the backing of the game launch.

That said… LEGO did release Minions sets without a movie… so yeah, who knows.

The action of Overwatch® 2 comes to life in style LEGO® with the incredible Titan robot (76980). This articulated model has many life-like features including rockets and an energy weapon that lights up with a LEGO® light brick. Featuring minifigures of Overwatch heroines Mei and Tracer with their weapons, it inspires exciting adventures and proudly displays itself alongside any gaming console.

This kids’ toy is inspired by Overwatch 2 , the popular action game from Blizzard Entertainment that invites heroes from around the world to team up to face threats from all corners of the globe.

Interestingly as I was writing this, the product page has been taken down, so this may very well be a slip up from the French retailer who shared this.

76980 Overwatch Titan Lifestyle

That said… I’m pleased to see more LEGO sets based on video games, and as a fan of the original Overwatch game, I’d love to see more from the theme – purely so we can get more cool Mechs.

Let’s see if these sets actually materialise in 2022.


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