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LEGO Power Rankings 2021 – my Top 10 Sets of the year

LEGO Power Rankings 2021 Feature

As we say farewell to 2021, it’s time to update the LEGO Power Rankings one last time with the Final Power Rankings of 2021. This takes the entire year into account, and believe me when I say it was nearly impossible to put this list together, and narrow down what I think are the Top 10 Sets of 2021.

We’ve heard from you, via the Reader Vote and Tournament for Best LEGO Set of 2021, so now here’s my very own list of some of the best LEGO sets we’ve had the privilege of enjoying in 2021.

Do note, this list is completely subjective, and there are sets on it that I haven’t built yet – something I’m determined to change in 2022, to build every set on the Power Rankings list to give this list a bit more legitimac.

If you want to catch up on previous Power Rankings, check out October, July, June, May, April, March, February and January 2021 Power Rankings to get up to speed on highlights from previous months – and see how the Rankings have fluctuated from month to month.

This list also includes a list of Top 10 sets under US$50, for those on a tight budget, recognising that there are plenty of great and affordable sets, and you don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars on a LEGO Titanic to have a good time.

Without further ado… here is my Top 10 LEGO sets of 2021!

LEGO Power Rankings 2021 Top Half 1
LEGO Power Rankings 2021 Bottom Half

My Top 10 LEGO sets of 2021

  1. 21326 Winnie the Pooh [Review] [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★]
  2. 75313 UCS AT-AT [Review coming soon] [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★]
  3. 80107 Spring Lantern Festival [Review] [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★]
  4. 10281 Bonsai Tree
  5. 21325 Medieval Blacksmith
  6. 76391 Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Collection [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★]
  7. 40478 Mini Disney Castle [Review] [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★]
  8. 21327 Typewriter
  9. 71741 Ninjago City Gardens
  10. 40516 Everyone is Awesome [Review] [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★]

Honourable mentions: Medieval Castle, Titanic, Daily Bugle

Top 10 LEGO below US$50 of 2021

  1. 10281 Bonsai Tree
  2. 40478 Mini Disney Castle [Review] [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★]
  3. 40516 Everyone is Awesome [Review] [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★]
  4. 76239 Batmobile Tumbler: Scarecrow Showdown
  5. 10280 Flower Bouquet
  6. 40499 Santa’s Sleigh [Review] [Rating: 3/5  ★★★✰✰]
  7. 31117 Space Shuttle Adventure
  8. 71747 The Keepers’ Village [Review] [Rating: 4/5  ★★★★✰]
  9. 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile [Review] [Rating: 3/5  ★★★✰✰]
  10. 75312 Boba Fett’s Starship

10. 40516 Everyone Is Awesome – June 2021

LEGO 40516 Everyone is Awesome Angled

Available from / Amazon | Read my review |

Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★

Everyone is Awesome is on the list at Number 10 for being a set that’s more than the sum of its rainbow-coloured parts. As a set championing diversity, inclusion and celebrating Pride Month, it’s one of the most important and boldest LEGO releases ever.

The set also officially introduces monochrome figures (monofigures) to LEGO fans, and even if you don’t quite care for the message, you get a really sweet monochrome minifigure pack at an accessible price.

9. 71741 Ninjago City Gardens – January 2021

LEGO 71741 Ninjago City Gardens Lifestyle 1

Available from

LEGO Ninjago City Gardens is a towering celebration of LEGO Ninjago’s 10th anniversary, joining the legendary 70620 Ninjago City and 70657 Ninjago City Docks as the 3rd mega module of Ninjago City.

Packed with incredible detail, Easter Eggs, and making a striking display model, influenced by neo-Japan, Ninjago City Gardens is the culmination of all that’s great about LEGO Ninjago. I’m yet to build mine, but will one day get to it when my Ninjago City set gets to me (it’s in a different country), and I find the space for it.

8. 21327 Typewriter – June 2021

LEGO 21327 Ideas Typewriter Lifestyle 14

Available from

LEGO Ideas continues to be one of LEGO’s most consistent themes, and the engineering marvel that is 21327 Typewriter, with working keys and all its mechanical marvels.

A beautiful rendition of a real-world object into LEGO form, it’s a triumph of LEGO design and ingenuinity, proving that with just a bit of Technic and LEGO bricks, you can bring almost anything to life.

7. 40478 Mini Disney Castle – October 2021

LEGO 40478 Mini Disney Castle 1

Available from | Read my review

Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, and 40478 Mini Disney Castle proves it by being an excellent, budget-friendly alternative to the larger and more expensive 71040 Disney Castle.

Despite being a fraction of the size (great for displays!), LEGO manages to capture the Disney Castle’s colours, silhouette and most importantly magic in a tiny footprint.

6. 76391 Hogwarts Icons – September 2021

LEGO 76391 Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Set

Available from | Read my review

Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★

Speaking about magic, there’s just something about the Hogwarts Icons set that draws me in each time I look at it. This set just oozes display presence, and at the same time, provides some fun playable life-sized Harry Potter elements such as a magic wand, glasses and potion bottles.

A sublime display piece – this is unlike anything that LEGO have ever done before, and a must-own for any LEGO Harry Potter fan. An exceptional set, and a great way to celebrate 20 years of LEGO Harry Potter.

5. 21325 Medieval Blacksmith – February 2021

LEGO 21325 Medieval Blacksmith Lifestyle Feature

Available from

Just as LEGO Castle fans felt neglected by LEGO, the Black Falcons come roaring back into 2021 with the Medieval Blacksmith. It’s no surprise that it overwhelmingly won the Reader Vote for Best LEGO Set of 2021, fending off many from this list.

LEGO embraces its Castle Roots with this highly detailed Blacksmith’s Workshop, that’s among one of the most beautiful medieval creations to come out of Billund in the modern era. It’s one of the chief regrets, not building mine in 2021, and something I hope to rectify in 2022.

4. 10281 Bonsai Tree – January 2021

LEGO Botanical Collection

Available from / Amazon

It seems like a lifetime ago when LEGO releases 10281 Bonsai, a diminutive but supremely important set that heralded The LEGO Group’s ambition of conquering the adult market.

Simple, calming, and utterly delightful to display, you can customise the Bonsai to match the seasons, and who doesn’t love a LEGO set with 100 pink frogs in it. The Bonsai may have been forgotten in the hype of all the big releases of 2021, but it’s impact and influence is undeniable, which is why it’s Number 4 on the list.

3. 80107 Spring Lantern Festival – January 2021

LEGO 80107 Spring Lantern Festival Set Photo

Available from / Amazon | Read my review

Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★

The Spring Lantern Festival quickly cemented itself as one of my favourite sets of 2021 for capturing a beautiful snapshot of the Lunar New Year, and in such stunning fashion.

Packed with plenty of minifigures, the set is a masterclass in landscaping, featuring a gorgeous Chinese garden, beset with lanterns to ring in the New Year. As an added bonus, it also connects to your Modular Buildings!

2. 75313 UCS AT-AT – November 2021

LEGO 75313 UCS AT AT Outdoors

Available from | Review coming soon. But read my size comparison and Unboxing/First Impressions

Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★

Almost netting the top spot is the gargantuan Ultimate Collectors Series AT-AT. Many years in the making, and thought to be almost impossible – LEGO pulled out all the stops with the UCS AT-AT, delivering a supremely impressive display model that’s absolute Star Wars perfection.

I need to find a permanent home for it (it currently occupies a buffet in my living room), and every time my eye catches it, I can’t help but feel amazed as its size, detail and just how badass it looks on display. One of the best LEGO Star Wars UCS sets ever, and my 2nd pick for best set of 2021.

1. 21326 Winnie the Pooh – March 2021

LEGO 21326 Winnie the Pooh Outdoors Landscape

Available from / Amazon | Read my review

Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★

My number one set of 2021 stole my heart the moment I assembled it. 21326 Winnie the Pooh is everything I love about LEGO, featuring a surprisingly complex and interesting build of Winnie’s home in the 100 Acre Wood, and tied together by a colourful cast of his friends.

It’s not everyday that a LEGO set manages to evoke such vivid memories, and sense of wonder, perfectly distilling the heart and soul of Winnie the Pooh’s enduring legacy into LEGO form.

Just a joy to build, play with and to display, and reasonably priced that most LEGO fans, or parents can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Thank you so much for reading, and for following the Power Rankings, which were a bit of an experiment in 2021, but something I’m definitely continuing in 2022.

It’s been a blast doing this list, and a lot harder than expected. If I could add one more set in, it would be 31120 Medieval Castle, which made it to the honourable mentions list, along with the Daily Bugle and Titanic.

It’s clear – 2021 has been one of THE best years to be a LEGO fan, with so many different sets and experiences catering to a wide variety of interests, from minifigure-heavy sets, to display juggernauts – there was simply something for everyone. Unless you’re a Bionicle fan.

I’d love to know, what would you Top 10 or Top 5 sets of 2021 look like? Let me know in the comments!

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