LEGO Power Rankings – June 2021

LEGO Power Rankings June 2021 Feature

Welcome to the June 2021 edition of Power Rankings! Can you believe that we’re officially in the second half of 2021 and that Christmas is closer to us than New Year’s 2021? Madness!

June 2021 was a hive of activity in the LEGO world, with all the new Summer 2021 releases being set upon our poor wallets which are still recovering from the first half of 2021. Unless you’re in North America where you have to wait till August 2021 for all the new goodies.

We had 2 big releases in June 2021 – two of which are LEGO models of inanimate objects – 21327 Typewriter and 10282 Adidas Superstar!

To help you catch up on all the new and LEGO headlines, here’s a handy recap of all the news, reviews from this blog, and the broader LEGO Fan Media Community.

If you want to catch up on previous Power Rankings, check out May, April, March, February and January 2021 Power Rankings to get up to speed on highlights from the first 5 months of 2021.

June 2021 LEGO Power Rankings

With a ton of new releases, and some really sensational sets the June 2021 Power Rankings has been given a bit of a shakeup, and sees a ton of movement. Without further ado, here are my Top 10 LEGO sets as of June 2021!

LEGO Power Rankings June 2021 Top Half
LEGO Power Rankings June 2021 Bottom Half 2

Top 10 LEGO sets as of June 2021

  1. 21326 Winnie the Pooh [Review] [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★]
  2. 10281 Bonsai Tree
  3. 80107 Spring Lantern Festival [Review] [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★]
  4. 40516 Everyone is Awesome [Review] [Rating: 5/5  ★★★★★] *NEW*
  5. 21327 Typewriter *NEW*
  6. 21325 Medieval Blacksmith ⬇️
  7. 76178 Daily Bugle ⬇️
  8. 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery ⬇️
  9. 71741 Ninjago City Gardens
  10. 31120 Medieval Castle [Review] [Rating: 4/5  ★★★★★] *NEW*

This was a pretty hard one with so many great new releases that I had to factor into the Power Rankings, with 2 new debuts in the top 5 – 40516 Everyone is Awesome and 21327 Typewriter.

It was a no-brainer to acknowledge the extra-ordinary impact of Everyone is Awesome, which is perhaps the most talked about LEGO set in and outside the LEGO fan community, and the sublime combination of form and function of the Typewriter earned it a spot in the Top 5.

Rounding up the new debuts is the Creator 3-in-1 Medieval Castle at number 10, which I had a lot of fun with.

Leaving the Top 10 is 10280 Flower Bouquet, 10278 Modular Police Station and 75308 R2-D2 – a fond farewell to these otherwise excellent sets, but the shiny-ness and uniqueness of the June releases pipped them off the charts. Who knows – they might make a return!

What are Power Rankings?

Essentially, they’re commonly used in sports leagues like the NBA to track and compare the best/worst performing teams, often changing weekly based on results and how teams play.

I often get asked via email or on social media what the best sets of the (insert current) year/month are, and I usually rattle off what I personally like, so to start 2021, I’ve decided to start a regular series where I track and rank what the best 10 LEGO sets are at the end of each month.

This isn’t meant to be scientific or data-driven (some of these I haven’t personally built/own yet) – just my personal opinion of what I think are the best LEGO sets of 2021!

Of course, for a more comprehensive evaluation of LEGO sets, you can read my LEGO reviews for more detailed opinions. For sets that I’ve reviewed, I’ll also include the scores next to the power rankings, but it’s quite unlikely that I’ll get to review every amazing set of 2021 – I sometimes build and miss out reviewing due to time/scheduling issues.

New LEGO Podcast Episodes

S1E6 Extra Pieces: Interview with Steve Guinness: Fan Designer of the LEGO IDEAS Typewriter

S1E5 Extra Pieces: LEGO CON, Everyone is Awesome Harry Potter Maxifigs, Wildlife Rescue and Marvel Mechs

Richard and I wrapped up season 1 of the Extra Pieces podcast, with a very special guest – Steve Guinness the fan designer behind the wildly successful LEGO Ideas Typewriter set!

Listen in on our conversation with Steve about what motivates him, and the inspiration behind the Ideas Typewriter.

Stay tuned as Season 2 will be launching very very soon!

To listen to the Extra Pieces podcast, you can find us wherever you get your podcasts from:

For everyone that has subscribed and been listening, thank you so much! If I could ask you for a huge favour – if you’ve been enjoying the podcasts, do consider leaving us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts! That would be super helpful to help improve our discoverability!

Notable LEGO headlines – June 2021

I also launched a new content series, Monday Musings where I pick a different topic that’s relevant to my personal experience with LEGO and open up a discussion on it.

June 2021 LEGO Reviews

Interesting LEGO articles and videos from across the web you should check out

Rainbow Build Challenge Trickybricks
Dagon, The Great Leviathan

Read June 2021 LEGO reviews

It’s been a busy month for reviews! In case you missed anything, check out all sets I’ve reviewed in June 2021 below!

Thanks again to everyone who has participated in the conversation, on the blog, Facebook, Instagram and my Youtube channel.

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