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LEGO Princess Peach’s Castle announced!

lego princess peach and super mario

Ahead of Mario Day (Mar 10) tomorrow, LEGO have announced on Instagram that LEGO Princess Peach will be joining the LEGO Super Mario theme!

*Update: looks like the reveal was a little early, and they’ve deleted the post – but thankfully, I’ve managed to save the images!

LEGO Mario Day

Update 2: There’s also a new page that has popped up on with a countdown to Mario Day. It’s currently midnight, and the countdown for 2 hours. I’m not going to stay up for it, but I guess the official reveal should be then, alongside with new limited bundles, VIP rewards and more.

There aren’t any details yet, but more LEGO Super Mario Expansion sets are coming, which includes a new LEGO Princess Peach Playable character, joining LEGO Luigi and Mario.

No release dates have been announced yet, but this is super exciting! There’s likely to be a Princess Peach Starter set, in the same vein as the Luigi Starter Course or the LEGO Mario Starter Course to get Princess Peach, with more expansion sets.

lego princess peach's castle

Additionally, there will be a fully buildable LEGO Princess Peach’s Castle, which was widely rumoured last year but turned out to be the  71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block!

lego yellow toad

Some new characters have also been revealed including Yellow Toad from New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

lego boomerang bro

A Boomerang Bro! God, I hated these guys in Super Mario 3.

lego spike

Spike also makes an appearance!

lego ludwig von koopa

And last but not least, we get Ludwig Von Koopa, who is included in the Princess Peach Castle! Hopefully this signals more Koopalings to come!

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