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LEGO reveals a 3128-piece Captain America’s Shield! (76262)

76262 Captain Americas Shield Box
76262 Captain Americas Shield Side

LEGO have just revealed 76262 Captain America’s Shield, a massive 3,128-piece display model featuring Steve Roger’s Vibranium shield. Stars and stripes included!

The LEGO Captain America Shield will retail for US$199.99 and will be available from 1 August 2023 onwards, with pre-orders open on

See below for regional pricing and product pages.

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76262 Captain Americas Shield Box Back 1
76262 Captain Americas Shield Set

There’s really not much to say about this set as it’s fairly self-explanatory. It’s a large, brick-built Captain America Shield. It’s the next in line of buildable Marvel objects which include the likes of 76215 Black Panther bust, 76165 Iron Man Helmet,  Nano Gauntlet  Infinity Gauntlet and 76209 Thor’s Hammer.

76262 Captain Americas Shield Size
76262 Captain Americas Shield Scale

For one thing, the shield is really large, as evident by the 3000+ piece-count, and LEGO’s promotional photos showcase the scale.

This LEGO Captain America shield measures a diameter of 47cm (18.5in), so it’s fairly hefty and will definitely stand out as a display piece.

76262 Captain Americas Shield Minifigure

Oh, and it also comes with a plaque and a Captain America minifigure, which I’m pretty sure is identical to the one found in 76260 Black Widow & Captain America Motorcycles.

76262 Captain Americas Shield Back

Here’s a look at the shield from behind, to help you understand how it’s constructed. I don’t think it’s encouraged to carry it and there isn’t an easy way to hold it, so unlike the LEGO Thor’s Hammer, this isn’t something that you can play around with, and it should really just sit in its stand.

76262 Captain Americas Shield Display

For a set with this pricetag… you have to be a very ardent Marvel fan to consider this set. Sure, it’ll look commanding as a large LEGO prop and display piece, especially if you have plenty of Captain America paraphernalia… but it’s a really big ask and really only for the biggest Marvel fans.

The fact that it doesn’t look like you can mount it or hang it up, much less carry it and pose with it also drastically reduces its utility.

Sure, it’s a fraction of the price of the US$700 Bricker Builds version, which makes it a lot more accessible, but… if I were eyeing this, I’d just wait for this to go on sale, as it feels almost destined to, in order for LEGO to move copies of it.

76262 Captain America’s Shield will be available from 1 September 2023 onwards, and can be preordered now from

What do you think of this large LEGO Captain America’s Shield?

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