LEGO Seinfeld set teased! Full reveal coming soon!

LEGO Seinfeld Teaser

UPDATE: The LEGO Ideas Seinfeld set has officially been revealed! Check out the announcement post to learn more!

LEGO’s social media accounts have teased the upcoming LEGO Ideas set – Seinfeld, suggesting that the full reveal will be coming really, really soon!

The teaser shows off the 5 minifigures included in the set, which eagle eyed Seinfeld fans will be able to recognise as (L-R) Kramer, George Costanza, Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes and Newman, judging from their hairpieces.

I love the inclusion of Seinfeld’s mullet which firmly dates the TV sitcom and character, and I also like that Costanza’s red parka makes an appearance too!

LEGO Ideas Project Seinfeld
LEGO Ideas Project Seinfeld Flat
LEGO Ideas Project Seinfeld Interiors

The winning Ideas project by Brent Wallet (best known for Ghostbusters Ecto-1) looks to be in the same format as Friends Central Perk, Big Bang Theory, and the recent Friends Apartment, so it’ll be interesting to see how far LEGO deviates from the original design, and what changes have been made.

I’m not the biggest Seinfeld fan (but I do love George Constanza and his fashion sense), but I know a lot of people are, and are eagerly awaiting this set.

I really hope that it’s within the same ballpark as Central Perk, to ensure that it remains as accessible as possible.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full reveal , which should be any day now!

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