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LEGO set colour options appear on

LEGO Fiat 500 Colours

Remember news from earlier in August where images of a Blue version of the LEGO Fiat 500 and 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs popped up online?

It looks like we might soon discover what this is all about as the pages for the Fiat 500 and Mighty Dinosaurs have been sneakily updated, with a reference to Colours – Yellow for the Fiat and Green for Mighty Dinosaurs.

This is a fairly new UI (user interface) element on LEGO’s website, and looks like it’s quite similar to fashion/apparel websites where you’re given a choice between different colours for clothes.

LEGO Mighty Dinosaurs Colour Trial

Digging into the code of the product pages, there are also multiple lines of code that reference “ColorVariantProducts” – which don’t show up on other similar product pages.

<span class=”Markup__StyledMarkup-ar1l9g-0 hlipzx”>Yellow</span></span></div><nav class=“ColorVariantProductsMenustyles__Container-sc-1fdopn3-0 lmTRoZ ProductActionsstyles__ColorVariantProductsMenu-sc-18otgdy-3 bVQVtN”><ul class=”ColorVariantProductsMenustyles__List-sc-1fdopn3-1 fTSczl”><li><a aria-current=”page” class=”ColorVariantProductsMenustyles__Link-sc-1fdopn3-2 bcAWiO” href=”/en-gb/product/fiat-500-10271“><div selected=”” class=”ColorVariantProductsMenustyles__Thumbnail-sc-1fdopn3-3 kkMfEL”><img srcSet=”;format=jpg&amp;quality=80&amp;width=60&amp;height=60&amp;dpr=1,

77942 Blue LEGO Fiat Photoshop

Now that these seem to be live on, it does suggest that LEGO are either doing some testing on their live site for an impending reveal – so stay tuned for when we find out more!

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