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LEGO teases something called Vidiyoland in/with Animal Crossing.

LEGO Vidiyoland Title

So it looks like Vidiyo’s demise has been greatly exaggerated as LEGO have just dropped this mysterious teaser on their social media pages – for something called Vidiyoland.

But wait, it get’s weirder.

LEGO Vidiyoland
LEGO Vidiyoland Enter House

In the short clip, which is taken off Animal Crossing New Horizons (a video game for the Nintendo Switch), it demonstrates a funky-looking villager entering a home, before the title shows up.

See it for yourself.

What could this be? A similar Dots-style cross-promotion? LEGO taking advantage of Animal Crossing’s resurgent popularity (thanks to a fresh new gameplay update)?

LEGO Animal Crossing Project

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may have read my theory that LEGO x Animal Crossing could be the Fabuland reboot we all desperately need, despite 2 10,000 Ideas projects getting rejected.

I don’t want to get my hopes up (even though I’ve made my case for it)… but the name Vidiyoland does raise a few eyebrows. Vidiyoland. Fabuland.. Hmm.

Could this be a new theme? Animal Crossing characters appearing in Vidiyo as Bandmates or DJs? A bit of both?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough – I’m too close to this, and have been wishing for a LEGO Animal Crossing theme or set forever, so I’m just wary of getting my hopes up. It’s just nice to see that LEGO still has plenty of surprises up their sleeves!

What do you think Vidiyoland could be? Do you think LEGO would make an Animal Crossing set?

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