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LEGO Ventures boss says the LEGO Group is looking for more business partners

LEGO Ventures Managing Director Rob Lowe discussed the organisation’s plans for future investments and partnerships in an interview with

LEGO Ventures is the arm of the LEGO Group that invests and partners with other businesses and projects that are working on the future of learning, creativity, and play. They work with entrepreneurs, ideas, and startups centred around playful learning, which includes gaming, adaptive education, and virtual reality.

In the interview, Lowe explained what the company’s current priorities are and the kind of proejcts they’re looking to get involved with down the line.

“Learning through play can be the best way to learn to understand new concepts,” Lowe explains. “To absorb information is so much more fun when you’re playing — particularly socially — [and] particularly when you’re iterating on things that you find enjoyable.”

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Lowe went on to say that he’s keeping a close eye on digital narrative storytelling, seeing it as one of the key developments of videogames in recent years.

“I believe that the way that media is going – placing the player right at the heart of the narrative giving them difficult choices to make, giving them agency over which way the story goes – [means] gaming should do storytelling better than any other medium, and that should convert into commercial success in the future,” says Lowe. “So we’re really interested in who’s innovating in the space, and seeing how they can break it out of this niche space.”

In the past, LEGO Ventures have invested in projects from Area 9 Lyceum, Light Brick Studio, and other smaller and independent gaming studios. They not only make financial investments, but have also offered support through resources, support, and marketing advice.

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