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LEGO VIP Coins are returning in January 2022!


This one took a while (thanks global supply chain crisis), but better late than never – great news for those who missed out the first time, but LEGO’s VIP Coins will be making a return on 11 January 2022! That’s tomorrow!

After promises of a restock from way back in May 2021, we finally have definitive details on the return of these LEGO VIP Coins.

You’ll be able to redeem the VIP coins and/or coin holder using your LEGO VIP points in the VIP Rewards Centre.

LEGO VIP Coins Holder Display

The 5-slot VIP Coin holder will also be making a return – this one in particular was very hard to come by as it was redeemed almost instantly, so great news to those who missed out!

image 2

These 5 VIP coins which are Classic Space, Pirates, Castle, Octan and Coin-themed have been incredibly popular due to their limited release last year, with many ending up on the secondary market for exorbitant prices.

LEGO expects supplies to run out quickly. If demand is lower than expected, LEGO may open the promotion up so VIP members can get a second coin. Keep an eye on the VIP Rewards Centre for the latest updates. 

All 5 VIP coins will be redeemable from LEGO’s VIP Rewards Center

They’ll be available at the following times: 

·         In Australian and New Zealand: midnight Sydney time (AEDT)

·         In Japan: midnight local time 

·         In Korea: midnight local time 

·         Europe: 11am CET/10am GMT 

·         United States and Canada: 9am EST 

This is great news, and a fantastic move to see LEGO honour their promise, and also make more of these highly collectable and desirable VIP coins!

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