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LEGO VIP Gold Coin release date revealed, plus old coins to be restocked!


For those waiting out on the fifth and final collectable LEGO VIP coin – the golden coin coin (which is based on the chromed gold coins most commonly found in Pirates sets) – we now have a release date – 20th May 2021

The golden coin was originally meant to be released on the 1st of May, like every other VIP coin which released on the 1st of each month, but was unceremoniously delayed – mostly due to issues surrounding the VIP Rewards Centre caused by the Ulysses Probe.

Update: The Coin Coin will be released at the following times

Australia/New Zealand 9:00am AEST
Korea: 9:00 am KST
EMEA: 10:00am CET
North America: 9:00am EST

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We at least now have a release date, so for those of us wanting to complete the collection – mark the 20th of May in your diaries!

This was sent in a LEGO VIP email that I received this morning (buried underneath) some rather useless announcements – but it’s good to know!

LEGO VIP Collectable Coins

Most interestingly in that blurb – LEGO have also announced that for those of you that missed out on the other VIP Coins (Classic Space, Pirates, Castle and Octan), they’ll be restocking the coins later this year!

This is absolutely due to the blowback and all the feedback from the LEGO fan community (you!) and also tons of discussions that have been occurring within the LEGO Ambassador Network, where a few of us have been advocating for more transparency, fairness and just an overall better system for VIP rewards.

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This will be undoubtedly great news for those that missed out as these coins are being resold for pretty crazy amounts on eBay and the secondary market, so this is good news all around.

Kudos to LEGO for listening to the fans and for suffocating the resell market for these VIP rewards by increasing supply with a restock. I also think it’s a very positive move to allow those that missed out a second chance at the coins – especially the Classic Space Coin which sold out in record time.

It takes LEGO a while to move, but this is why I truly love the brand – they might not always get it right, but they do listen and take appropriate action, and I think the VIP team need to be commended for this move.

What do you think of this restock? Did you miss out on the VIP Coins? Will you try again once they’re re-released?

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