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March 2022 LEGO Harry Potter sets revealed!

LEGO Harry Potter March 2022

March is shaping up to be another huge month for LEGO releases, and we’ve now gotten a glimpse of a small wave of 2022 LEGO Harry Potter sets due to launch on 1 March 2022.

It’s a pretty small wave, with 2 new Hogwarts Moment books to expand the collection, as well as a new addition to Hogwarts Castle – the Hospital Wing!

76398 Hogwarts Hospital Wing – 510 pieces

76398 Hogwarts Hospital Wing Box 1
76398 Hogwarts Hospital Wing Set
76398 Hogwarts Hospital Wing Minifigures

76398 Hogwarts Hospital WingUS$49.99 / AU$TBC / £44.99

We make a return to the Prisoner of Azkaban with the Hospital Wing, featuring the debut of the Madam Pomfrey minifigure! The set also contains numerous references to the film, where Harry has to re-grow his bones with some Skele-Gro, and also Hermione using her Time Turner to rewind the clock to save Sirius.

76396 Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class – 297 pieces

76396 Hogwarts Moment Divination Class Book

76396 Hogwarts Moment: Divination ClassUS$29.99 / AU$39.99 / £24.99

For collectors of the Hogwarts Moment spellbooks, March gives us another two books – the first being the Divination Class, featuring a brand new version of Professor Trelawney, which we first got in the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts minifigure series – except this version has legs, instead of a dress-piece!

Rounding out the set is Harry Potter, and star Divination pupil, Parvati Patil, who’s dressed in Gryffindor robes for the first time, after her debut in the 2020 Harry Potter Advent Calendar

76397 Hogwarts Moment: Defence Class – 257 pieces

76397 Hogwarts Moment: Defence Against the Dark Arts ClassUS$29.99 / AU$39.99 / £24.99

We also get a Defence Against The Dark Arts book, featuring everyone’s paranoid teacher, Professor Moody, or is he secretly Death Eater Barty Crouch Jr in disguise?

Mad Eye Moody in trunk

The set comes with Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom minifigures, but also includes an alternate face for Barty Crouch Jr. And how cute is that Mad Eye Moody microfigure in the trunk!

76399 Harry Potter Hogwarts Magical Trunk

76399 Harry Potter Hogwarts Magical TrunkUS$59.99 / AU$89.99 / £54.99

76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk
76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk Set
76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk Minifigures
76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk Room

And last but not least, don’t forget about the Hogwarts Magical Trunk which was announced way back in December 2021. It features a customisable magical trunk, that you can deck out in your house colours, and also a great mix of Hogwarts student minifigure parts that you can swap to make your own students!

In the minifigure photo, you can also see a new shorter skirt piece that goes in between the torso and legs, which is pretty cool!

Not a bad wave at all, although it seems a lot smaller than usual. Hopefully this means this isn’t all that LEGO Harry Potter fans will be getting in March!

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