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New Custom LEGO Parts for the Zombie Apocalypse

Popular LEGO customizer just released several new injection moulded fence pieces to complement their barbed wire parts. As you will see below, they are super versatile and fully LEGO-compatible. Available in silver and gunmetal (so far) and sold by the piece so you can get exactly what you need for your zombie apocalypse creations.

Citizenbrick Barbed Wire 5

CitizenBrick also stocked up on some of their most popular creepy zombie minifig parts including heads, torsos, and leg assemblies.

Citizenbrick Barbed Wire 1
Citizenbrick Barbed Wire 2
Citizenbrick Barbed Wire 3
Citizenbrick Barbed Wire 4

CitizenBrick is well known for their high-quality pad-printed LEGO elements (especially minifig parts and tiles), and they also produce some of their own specialty parts that aren’t available from LEGO. To check out the full product line, visit You will likely find something interesting that would enhance your LEGO creations.

Citizenbrick Barbed Wire 6

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