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Ninjago Season 2 Recap Trailer | LEGO Family Entertainment

There’s, a new trend, sweeping ninjago city and it’s called prime empire, maybe to find jay. We have to play the game. You get four lives in prime empire. If any of us want to get out of here. We need that katana we need to race.

In the speedway 5 billion [ Music ], the ninja must be destroyed, the cage is open. We are ready for oonagami to enter ninjago don’t. Do this please? Why was i made to instill joy home where’s uh? He’s home the ivory city of shintaro.

Welcome. I’m. Most pleased that you were able to accept our invitation. Now you will witness the wrath of the skull sorcerer new plan run. I was trying to protect you, you’re, the skull sorcerer father.

Now the skull sorcerer thought he was burying you, but what if he was actually bringing you closer to the source of your elemental power, it’s. The first, forgive me don’t. Ask my forgiveness: ask theirs!

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Remember Prime Empire? Jay couldn’t wait to start playing, but together with hundreds of players, vanished without a trace!

This was no ordinary game… the ninjas had to get inside. Competing in a series of difficult game worlds, only when they beat the final level could NINJAGO be saved!

What about the time our heroes were invited to the Kingdom of Shintaro? A seemingly perfect place, the ninjas quickly learned a dark long-forgotten underworld was hiding right beneath them!

Once inside the dungeons, they had to fight their way to freedom, facing the merciless Skull Sorcerer!

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