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Of course, people are scalping the LEGO Titanic set

LEGO 10294 Titanic Display Fancy Room

It’s release day for the LEGO Titanic set, where a small number of the largest LEGO set yet were able to be ordered, before plunging back into Backordered status.

Also, a small number will also be available at your local LEGO store for purchase if you plan on heading in to try and score this 9,090-piece behemoth.

Pre-orders from the 1st of November should also begin to ship out today, so if you were lucky enough to place an order, I hope you’ll receive this ginormous set soon! I kinda take pity on the poor delivery person that has to lug this all the way to your home.

Anyway, as you may have noticed, the LEGO Titanic preorders were very quick to have sold out, demonstrating that there is clearly very strong demand for this massive historical model.

LEGO Titanic Ebay Sold

In less surprising (but always disappointing news), like with any LEGO set that is produced in limited quantities (initially), scalpers are at it again, with flippers heading to marketplaces like eBay to onsell their wares.

These prices are in USD, which is frankly quite eye-opening as they’re fetching close to double RRP in the US.

For reference, here is regional pricing:

LEGO Titanic Ebay Listings

There’s also no shortage of listings on eBay all over the world (I just used the US as a prime example), of scalpers trying to make a quick buck on release day, clearly capitalising on FOMO and the upcoming holiday season.

As you can see above, there are several auctions running, so there are clearly some who are having to pay a scalper premium to secure a copy of the LEGO Titanic set before the holidays.

The LEGO Investor

Now, I have nothing against people that buy and hold LEGO set for investment purposes (read my What type of LEGO Fan are you editorial), but launch day scalpers are on a whole different level.

Some people do purchase sets to resell to build up their VIP points stash, or even qualify for an interesting GWP

Should LEGO have made more in anticipation of how popular the Titanic would get?

Absolutely, but forecasting demand, especially for something as ambitious and expensive as the LEGO Titanic is notoriously challenging, and their manufacturing capacity is also stretched, but it also doesn’t help when people pre-order or buy launch day sets to flip for a quick buck.

LEGO Mini Disney Castle Scalpers

Then again, scalpers are getting to everything these days – even smaller sets like the 40478 Mini Disney Castle.

For everyone else, the LEGO 10294 Titanic is now available on backorder, with sets shipped by 12 January 2022 in Australia, and within 60 days in the UK.

Did you manage to score a LEGO Titanic at launch, or has your pre-order shipped yet? What do you think of this type of behaviour getting more prevalent due to the influx of adult collectors and fans?

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