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Official reveal of LEGO 10292 F.R.I.E.N.D.S Apartments

10292 Friends Apartments Feature Photo

After a tantalising teaser from LEGO, we now have our first official look at LEGO 10292 Friends Apartments, featuring not only Monica’s Apartment, but also Joey and Chandler’s in this super-sized F.R.I.E.N.D.S set!

Coming in at 2,048 pieces, The Apartments are substantially larger than 2019’s Central Perk set, and are a must-own if you’re a massive fan of the TV show, and owners of the Central Perk set.

The Friends Apartment LEGO will be priced at US$149.99 / AU$259.99 set has a global release date of 1 June 2021, but LEGO VIPs (free to sign up) get VIP early access to the set from 19 May 2021 from or your local LEGO store.

See below for regional links and pricing.

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10292 Friends Apartments Back

It’s a very interesting move from LEGO producing such a large sequel to the Central Perk set, but I’ll give them kudos for taking what I think is quite a bold move.

10292 Friends Apartments Lineup Minifigures

The set comes with 7 minifigures with all-new variants of the whole gang, in some of their most memorable outfits; Rachel’s iconic plaid skirt; Ross’ too tight leather pants; Monica in an apron; Phoebe in a classic floral look; Chandler in a suit and loud designer tie; and Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes.

Friends fans will undoubtedly be going Oh. My. Gawdddd thanks to the inclusion of what I think is the star minifigure in the line-up – Janice in her iconic leopard print top.

10292 Friends Apartments Top View
10292 Friends Apartments Set
10292 Friends Apartments Front View

Like Central Perk, the Apartments are set up as if they were a TV set, featuring both Chandler and Joey’s as well as Monica’s Apartments, plus the adjoining hallway as well.

LEGO Friends Apartments set is complete with iconic features and props, such as the classic moment when Monica put the Thanksgiving turkey on her head, the one where Joey and Chandler only had a canoe as furniture and when Phoebe’s dollhouse went up in flames.

If you’re a hardcore fan of the TV show, you’ll be delighted to discover a treasure-trove of references to some of the most memorable moments and episodes.

10292 Friends Apartments Lifestyle 2

Who can forget the Poking Device scene?

Other accessories from the show include the Poking Device; Gladys, Phoebe’s creepy art piece; the cheesecake that falls on the floor; Pat the Dog; the chick and duck, and many more. 

The set also gives fans the real sense of the original filming studio with set lights and allows you to display both apartments either separately or linked together with the hallway.

10292 Friends Apartments Lifestyle 7

There’s so much to love with the set, and as of writing this, I’m putting my review copy together, so stay tuned to read my full thoughts of the set in my review which will be published on the 14th of May!

10292 Friends Apartments Lifestyle 16
10292 Friends Apartments Lifestyle 9

LEGO 10292 Friends Apartments will be released on 19 May for LEGO VIPs, and 1 June for the global launch and will be available from

Now that you’ve seen the full reveal, what do you think of the Friends Apartments set? Will you pick it up to join Central Perk?

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