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Our LEGO Stories – New LEGO Podcast Series

A couple of days ago we talked about Bits N’ Bricks, LEGO’s own podcast series dedicated to unearthing and exploring the many facets of LEGO gaming. Hosted by journalist Brian Crecente and documentarian Ethan Vincent, the podcast draws on over 120 interviews and explores the many facets of LEGO gaming, from unreleased projects to beloved masterpieces. As we mentioned in our previous discussion, you can listen to the podcast at the LEGO Games 25th Anniversary website or your favorite podcast platforms like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, and YouTube.

LEGO Podcast LEGO Stories 1

If you like to listen to LEGO podcasts, there is another series that just recently started titled, Our LEGO Stories. This series will be giving a peak into what the LEGO Group does to have a positive impact on the world and how they bring LEGO products to life. The series is hosted by Julie Foster, who’s a member of the LEGO Communications Team, and Loren I. Shuster, CPO and Head of Corporate Affairs at the LEGO Group.

LEGO Podcast LEGO Stories 2
LEGO Vidiyo 3

So far, only one episode of Our LEGO Stories was released, discussing LEGO VIDIYO, the brand new music-focused LEGO theme created in association with Universal Music Group. Through the podcast, you will learn how the concept of LEGO VIDIYO nearly got cancelled and how the smallest of ideas eventually grew to blend music and LEGO elements to create music videos. Our LEGO Stories can be found on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher. You can also listen to them on Our LEGO Stories website, and via YouTube (also included below).

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Listening to LEGO podcasts is especially nice while building new LEGO sets and sorting LEGO pieces. I also like to listen to them while driving. So check them out and enjoy the interesting content. And if you have any thoughts or questions about them, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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