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Pick a Brick Restock: Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Forestmen and more

LEGO Pick A Brick Knights Restock

Some good news for LEGO Pick a Brick tragics (like myself) and army builder enthusiasts – LEGO’s Pick a Brick online has had a huge restock of army-builder minifigure parts and accessories, with Lion Knight torsos, legs, shields and more from 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle now available to order.

Here’s a shortcut to all the juicy minifigure elements if you’re wanting to expand your Lion Knights, Forestmen or Black Falcons armies.

Be quick as I suspect that these parts will be very popular and will sell out quickly as usual.

For those new to LEGO or this service, Pick a Brick online allows you to order most* individual elements directly from LEGO. There are 2 types of orders: Bestsellers, which are more common and ship out quicker from dedicated warehouses worldwide, and Standard, which typically take a few weeks to arrive as they ship out from Billund, Denmark. This service used to be called Bricks and Pieces.

LEGO Pick a Brick 10305 Restock Shields
LEGO Pick and Brick 10305 Restock

The Lion Knights torsos and shields in particular has been out of stock for the longest time, as for some reason, LEGO decided to only release the initial batch of elements to the North American market, which meant that if you were anywhere else in the world, you missed out as the Americans cleaned the Pick a Brick website out.

LEGO Pick A Brick 10305 Restock Barding
LEGO Pick a Brick 2023 Horse Barding

Don’t forget that Black Falcon and Lion Knights Horse barding is also available, although the thumbnails have now disappeared. Thankfully, I have an older screenshot if you need to reference one visually.

LEGO 10305 Lion Knights Castle Lion Knights

I’ve been waiting ages to expand my Lion Knights faction, so I’m beyond delighted to order some more torsos, legs, weapons and armour to beef up Queen Lionne’s army.

There also some newer Pick a Brick elements from recently released sets, like glow in the dark foliage from the Avatar sets, and some new minifigure wigs, accessories and more that you can check out via the links below

77012 Fighter Plane Chase Box

Oh, and if you’re planning on picking the 77012 Fighter Plane Chase Indiana Jones set, I highly recommend ordering some Seagulls to make the scene more accurate.

LEGO Easter 2023 GWPs

As an added bonus, any Pick a Brick Order above US$70 / AU$110 / €70 / £65 will also trigger the  40587 Easter Basket gift with purchase, and you’ll also nab 30643 Easter Chickens polybag when you spend over AU$70 / €40 / £65 if you’re in Australia, Europe or the UK.

In Australia, 40583 Houses of the World 1 GWP is also still available when you spend over AU$400, which is another nice bonus for us Down Under.

If you’re planning on making any Pick a Brick orders, please consider using the affiliate links in this post as I may receive a small commission with each purchase that helps support the work I do on the blog!

Happy shopping!

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