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Results of the Best LEGO Set of 2021 as voted by readers!

Best LEGO Set of 2021 Results

Happy New Year! After a gruelling week of votes in the Best LEGO Set of 2021 tournament… it’s finally time to reveal the winner of the tournament!

First off, a massive thank you to everyone who put in the nominations, and voted in any of the rounds, whether on Facebook or Instagram!

This year, a total of 13,124 votes were cast throughout the tournament, an increase of about 49% on the number of votes cast year!

2021 Bracket Grand Final

Here’s a quick of the Grand Final, where we had a repeat of 2020’s final round, with two LEGO Ideas set going head to head for the crown.

Last year’s Grand Final was much, much tighter, with the winner edging out by a mere 5 votes, but this year, the winner had an overwhelming margin of victory of 6.02%!

That said, the polls I ran for the Grand Final differed quite differently, with Instagram picking a different winner compared to Facebook, but Facebook’s vote had a much more commanding win, which sealed the contest.

Without further ado… announcing the winner of the Best Set of 2021 Vote…

LEGO 21325 Medieval Blacksmith Lifestyle Feature

Congratulations to 21325 Medieval Blacksmith for winning the Reader Vote, cementing it as the best set of 2021, as voted by Jay’s Brick Blog readers!

The Medieval Blacksmith netted 431 total votes, against Home Alone’s 382 votes!

Best Set of 2021 Final bracket

Here’s a look at the final bracket!

The Medieval Blacksmith is a well-deserved winner, and one of my chief regrets of 2021 is not building mine, so in recognition of this win, I’ll make a commitment to build and review the set by the first quarter of 2022!

Data and Interesting Finds

image 1

This year’s bracket had very few surprises, with the Medieval Blacksmith having a pretty straight forward path to victory.

There weren’t any really close battles, but I did different patterns in how Instagram voted vs Facebook, which I think tells me something about the type of LEGO fan that frequents either platform.

Best LEGO Set of 2021 – Seeding (visual)

Best LEGO Set of 2021 Seeding

Here’s a visual representation of how the sets were seeded based on position – the Medieval Blacksmith being the Top Seed, and winning the bracket was almost expected, but props to Home Alone for (slightly) overperforming!

Best LEGO Set of 2021 – Seeding Round Votes

Best Set of 2021 Seeding Positionjpg

The most interesting bit of data for me, and indicative of what my readers think is the best LEGO set of 2021, is when you look at the absolute count of votes.

As you can see the Medieval Blacksmith overwhelmingly beat out Ninjago City Gardens in the number of votes received, with Home Alone, Hogwarts Icons, UCS AT-AT, and Titanic bunched together.

Looking at the bracket, I think the round that made the biggest impact was Round 2, where the Daily Bugle claimed the upset, knocking Ninjago City Gardens out thanks to a wider-than expected margin of victory coming from Instagram.

LEGO 21330 Home Alone Set

Another big surprise for me, was just how strongly Home Alone performed during the tournament, demonstrating just how beloved the set it to fans. Or maybe it was Christmas and people were feeling festive, or there’s some recency bias at play.

In conclusion, another fantastic year for LEGO Ideas, and if not for the bracket seeding where the Typewriter went up against the Blacksmith, I think it wouldn’t be surprising to see 3 out of 4 semi-finalists being LEGO Ideas sets!

Thank you again to everyone who voted! I’ll be sharing my Top 10 sets of 2021 soon, as well as some more pieces as we look back at 2021 and the year that was.

Don’t forget, over 100 new LEGO sets are out now that we’ve crossed over to 2022, including the new Boutique Hotel modular building, so check out all the new sets you can get excited about!

2021 was a fantastic year for LEGO, especially for adults, and I can’t wait to see how 2022 pans out!

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