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Review: 40586 Moving Truck

Posted by Huw, 21 Feb 2023 13:30

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The current gift with purchase at is 40586 Moving Truck, which is free with purchases in excess of €180/£160/$180.

The 301-piece set has been designed to complement this year’s modular building 10312 Jazz Club which, presumably, is under new management.


40586 Moving Truck, 301 pieces.
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An attractive period vehicle that looks great in the modular street

  • Free when you buy the Jazz Club at the moment
  • High spend threshold to acquire

The set was provided for review by LEGO. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

It’s always nice to get a feel for how much ‘stuff’ you’re getting for free, so here’s a picture showing the unopened bags.

A 6-sticker sheet provides decorations for the vehicle.

Two minifigures are provided, both of whom appear to be removal company workers going by the picture on the box, despite the male being dressed in a jumper.

Both have alternate expressions which are perhaps appropriate for when they are struggling to move heavy objects.

The van is huge compared to the size of the figures, but then most are nowadays. The cab is 4-wide and the back 6, and is somewhat reminiscent of such vehicles from the 1940s and 50s.

When viewed from the front the cab looks a bit squashed and slightly comical.

The set comes with a piece of modern art, an organ, a jukebox, table, moving box and a sack barrow.

Will it all go into the back of the van?

Surprisingly, yes, it all fits! The instructions show how to squeeze it all in, even with the table drawer open and lamp on top.

A ramp is provided to ease loading and unloading, which neatly stows away underneath the floor of the van.

It’s an interesting set that not only provides a period vehicle to populate the modular street but also additional furniture that can be used to flesh out the interior of the club, or any other building for that matter.

The spend threshold is high, but if you’ve still to buy 10312 Jazz Club it will make a very welcome gift with purchase. Get it now while you can.

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