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Review: 41756 Holiday Ski Slope & Cafe

Posted by MeganL, 31 Aug 2023 15:00

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Those looking to expand their Winter Village have two options from a non-traditional source: this year’s Friends sets.

Previously I looked at 41760 Igloo Holiday Adventure that showed Paisley and Aliya pursuing the Northern Lights. Now let’s take a look at the other Friends holiday offering, 41756 Holiday Ski Slope and Cafe. The Friends haven’t had a ski resort since 41324 Snow Resort Ski Lift, which focused on the lift and the hill was more of an afterthought.


41756 Holiday Ski Slope and Cafe, 980 pieces.
£74.99 / $79.99 / €84.99 | 7.7p/8.2c/8.7c per piece.
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A great winter scene with lots of play value that belongs in any Winter Village

  • Nice inclusivity touches
  • Sophisticated building techniques
  • Adorable snow fox
  • More fabulous trees
  • How do you get to the top of the hill?

The set was provided for review by LEGO. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

Inside the box there are eight bags numbered 1-7, one 8×16 plate, another long flex tube used previously as a handrail, and a cardboard folder containing the instruction book and a moderately sized sticker sheet. From the looks of the sticker sheet, every Friend’s favourite brand of bubble gum, Guble Bubble, makes another appearance here.

Minidolls and animals

There are three minidolls in the set. Of those, one is a new character, Aaron. Aaron has mobility challenges, so he has some walking sticks to help him get around. He has a lovely Nordic-patterned sweater and some very sturdy boots.

Liann and Zac are also suitably dressed for the weather with snowboard jackets and pants. Liann makes a striking figure in the bright colours she’s wearing, while Zac is a tiny bit more subdued in blue and purple.

There’s a new cute Friends animal in the world, and it’s a snow fox! It’s a very contented looking snow fox. I wonder if it gets snacks from the café because it’s so cute?

All three minidolls get appropriately kitted out for the ski slope. Aaron trades his walking sticks for ski poles and has a ski chair for enjoying the slopes. Liann and Zac have coordinating helmets to match their gear. Aaron has a helmet, too, I just forgot to put it on for the picture.

Backprinting for all three minidolls is suitably detailed. And the snow fox is still adorable.

The completed model

The ski shop and café combined with the ski slope is a pretty impressive structure. I’m immediately struck by all those fabulous trees along the slope.

The slope starts over the shops and winds down the side. There are studs on the slope to allow a minidoll to hang out on her snowboard.

We can see both Liann and Zac in action. Love the snow slope, but I’m bothered that there’s no discernible way to get to the top! We could probably use the ski lift from 41324 here.

Taking a closer look at the building, there are a lot of details packed in the front. I like all the advertising for the different businesses in town over the front door, such as the Organic Market and the Sports Center (review forthcoming). Guble Bubble makes an appearance again!

Over the front door to the market there’s a sign with a sticker detail, a map of the slope next to the door, and two mugs of hot cocoa waiting on the window sill. Upstairs – and this time there is a way to get upstairs – the front of the ski shop has some nice log detailing on the front of the building. Storage for skis and ski poles can be found outside on the balcony.

It’s worth noting that there are some nice building techniques used for the stairs to the ski shop, as well as the roof. It definitely felt like a Winter Village set while building.

Taking a look at the back of the model, there’s plenty of access to the market and the shop.

The designer has also included another little cave, similar to that in 41760. There’s a crystal tucked in the back. The crystal isn’t the only “treasure” to be found in the set. There’s a spider lurking under the snow of the ski slope, and a coin to be found in the floor of the café.

The café is small, but has a few details. I like the snowy footprints just inside the door.

A soda machine is the most imposing build in this area. The two largest stickers for this set are to decorate the sides of the machine.

The other side of the café shows some of the wares on offer, including, of course, Guble Bubble.

Upstairs, inside the ski shop, everything is ready for whatever the outdoor adventurers need.

Speaking of outdoor adventurers…..

(Note: bench warming sloths not included in this set.)

(Note: snowboarding sloths not included in this set.)

Overall thoughts

This was a fun set to build, and I expect more fun to play with. I’m glad that the designer paid a lot more attention to the ski slope this time around, even if there isn’t a way to get to the top! You can just place a minidoll at the top and they’ll make their way down on their own, but I like the ability to pose them part way down the slope.

The Friends team continues to really roll with the diversity theme, and Aaron’s inclusion in this set is wonderful. I really like how so many sets this year have been accommodating for Friends of all kinds of abilities.

There are plenty of great details here as well – from the brickwork on the front of the building to all the little accessories in the store. Of course, there’s more of the fabulous trees, which really ties this set to 41760. And there’s a snow fox!

This set will definitely be going into my Winter Village – I think it’s a perfect addition, and the minidolls will looking great swooshing down the ski slope into the main street of the village.

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