Review: 75310 Duel on Mandalore

Posted by CapnRex101, 16 Jun 2021 16:30

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LEGO has developed products featuring various lightsaber duels, including the dangerous battle between Ahsoka Tano and Maul. The impressive 75310 Duel on Mandalore has therefore kindled remarkable anticipation, providing both famous combatants from the encounter.

These minifigures are definitely the outstanding feature of this set, particularly because Maul is exclusively available here. The accompanying models appear less interesting, unfortunately, although I do welcome the Mandalorian vault which accommodates Maul. Moreover, the throne integrates some Mandalorian architecture.


Following her earlier appearance in 75283 Armoured Assault Tank (AAT), Ahsoka Tano returns here and the minifigure remains unchanged. Various qualities are therefore maintained from the previous figure, including accurate decoration across Ahsoka’s torso. This includes metallic gold and metallic silver accents which look marvellous, continuing across the hips and legs.

The double-sided head features smiling and determined expressions which look superb beside accurate facial tattoos. Superb detail adorns Ahsoka’s montrals too. However, this element was originally designed for Shaak Ti, hence the lekku appear too long for Ahsoka. Introducing a new component would therefore have been appreciated here, especially because the element might be required again for a minifigure inspired by the character’s live action design.

Numerous depictions of Maul have been released since 1999 and another unique example is available here, based upon the final season of The Clone Wars. This minifigure features great detail, especially across the torso and mechanical legs. I love the metallic silver designs which demonstrate outstanding accuracy when compared with the onscreen character.

Furthermore, the metallic straps around Maul’s waist look superb, even integrating tiny yellow highlights which match the source material. The head includes lovely decoration too, returning from the Crimson Dawn minifigure produced during 2020. An angry expression may have been appropriate here, although Maul’s intricate tattoos look magnificent, as normal.

Ahsoka’s twin lightsabers and Maul’s double-bladed weapon are each provided. Some people have expressed surprise that Maul’s lightsaber lacks the elongated hilt introduced with Monkie Kid, which could have been effective here. However, the Star Wars design team has explained that was not discussed because the existing hilt component is considered synonymous with lightsabers.

The Completed Model

The resplendent Mandalorian throne room appears frequently throughout Star Wars: The Clone Wars and several memorable lightsaber duels occur there. This model focuses upon the throne and incorporates various authentic details, despite its modest size. The angular shapes around the throne certainly resemble the source material and I appreciate the colour scheme.

However, the armrests are extremely large when compared with the onscreen throne and the back should be integrated with the window. These compromises are slightly disappointing but were probably necessary to accommodate the blaster which is located under the seat. I doubt Duchess Satine would have approved of this, although The Phantom Menace reveals that the throne of Naboo also contains concealed blasters!

Orange leaves decorate the wall, representing light fixtures which are present onscreen. Their shape achieves tremendous accuracy and these pieces complement the trans-orange window between them. Two stickers adorn the window, featuring the characteristic Mandalorian pattern which appears throughout the throne room onscreen.

Unfortunately, this window should actually display a floral design. While that would have been welcome, I understand LEGO’s desire to capture the distinctive angular decoration associated with Mandalore. Furthermore, the smashing window function is excellent and corresponds with the animated series, when Maul breaks through this window.

Mandalorians have fought numerous wars against the Jedi, employing secure vaults to house Force-wielding prisoners. One such chamber is used to imprison Maul and this rendition looks fantastic, despite consisting primarily of basic 1x4x6 frames. Fortunately, an impressive sticker adorns the front, featuring intricate artwork and displaying any incarcerated minifigures through the narrow window.

Opening the door reveals room for Maul inside, although the chamber is otherwise completely empty. The original cell includes red highlights around the prisoner, but recreating those would have necessitated additional stickers. For that reason, I am impressed with this design and the stickered control panel on the side includes appealing detail as well.


Ahsoka Tano and Maul are undoubtedly the highlights of 75310 Duel on Mandalore and these minifigures are excellent. Maul’s intricately detailed legs are especially impressive and Ahsoka compares favourably with her animated counterpart too, although an adjusted montral element would have enhanced this popular minifigure even further.

The throne room environment has exceeded my expectations, capturing various recognisable details within its limited space. Moreover, the presence of varied functions is superb and I love the Mandalorian vault, especially with Maul peeking through its window. The price of £17.99 or $19.99 seems notably expensive based upon the size of these models, although the appeal of Ahsoka and Maul minifigures remains persuasive!

This set was provided for review by The LEGO Group but the review represents an expression of my own opinions.

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