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Review: LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Set

LEGO have taken their partnership with Adidas to the next level. If you’re not content with LEGO-branded sneakers, why not build your own ones out of LEGO.

Say hello to the LEGO Adidas Superstar, a brand new Creator Expert/LEGO for Adults set, a 731-piece buildable LEGO sneaker that takes on one of Adidas Originals’ most iconic lifestyle silhouettes – the Superstar, or as its known by their nickname – Shelltoes.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar will retail for US$79.99 / AU$159.99 and has a release date of 1 July 2021, and will be available from and LEGO Brand retail stores.

See below for regional links and pricing:

Not going to lie – as a massive Sneakerhead and lifelong Adidas fan, this is right up my alley, so let’s take a closer look at the LEGO Adidas Superstar in this early review. It’s not for everyone, but this is a shoe-in (heh) for the Top 10 most unique LEGO sets ever created.

Special thanks to the LEGO Group for providing this set for review

10282 Adidas Superstar Set Details

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar with Box

Name: Adidas Superstar
Set Number: 10282
Pieces: 565
Price: AU$159.99 | US$79.99 | £79.99 – Buy from [AUS] [USA] [UK]
Exclusive to: / LEGO Brand Retail Stores
Theme: Creator Expert / LEGO for Adults / Adidas
Release Date: 1 July 2021

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Box

First things first – the LEGO box. Yes, that is the box that the LEGO Adidas Superstar comes in which mimics the iconic blue boxes that Adidas Originals (Adidas’ streetwear/lifestyle non-athletic sub-brand) shoes come in, with a few clever touches to tell it apart such as the LEGO x Adidas lockup logo on the side.

Going even further, the sides of the shoebox also contain a diagram of the sneaker, with the 18+ age recommendation, set number and piece-count – which looks like like the sticker label where you find out your shoe’s model name and size.

The packaging honestly surprised me by how far they took this brick-built shoe gag but oh boy, it does not end here.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Insert

Lifting the lid open, you’re treated to this insert that it’s a more traditional LEGO For Adults style, and the familiar sticky labels on the side which you can cut open.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Box Opening Tissue

Lifting up the flap reveals another surprise – the seven numbered bags are wrapped in tissue paper, which is the same tissue paper that new shoes come wrapped in.

The unboxing and packaging design is outstanding here, and I really respect the lengths LEGO and Adidas have gone top re-create the sneaker unboxing experience. Just sublime and I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

This is the first 18+ box design that I will NOT be complaining about.

Check out my speed build video on Youtube to see how the shoe comes together, and what the unboxing experience looks like!

[embedded content]

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Manual 2

Here’s a look at the instruction manual.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Manual Designer Florian Muller

The instruction manual contains plenty of information about the heritage of the Adidas Superstar, which is arguably one of Adidas’ most well-known silhouettes.

The Adidas Superstar dates back to 1969, where it was released as a low-cut version of the professional Basketball shoe. It might surprise you, but Adidas was once the biggest name in basketball shoes (with Converse), and Michael Jordan wanted to sign with Adidas, but Adidas weren’t keen on him. Funny how different the world would be if he did.

Fast forward to today, the Adidas Superstar is a classic lifestyle and casual sneaker – it’s timeless and if you’re paying attention, you will see them everywhere, and they’re now mostly worn by girls and women.

The Adidas Superstar is not just a key part of the Adidas Originals lineup, but is consistently one of the top-selling sneakers in the world. Yes, in the world. With its iconic shelltoe design and prominent three black stripes on the side, it makes sense why LEGO and Adidas would pick this model as their first brick-built sneaker instead of a Stan Smith, NMD, Ultraboost or Yeezy 350.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Sticker Sheet

Oh and there’s only one sticker in the set for the display plaque – every other decoration is printed!

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Set

Here’s the completed model – at 731 pieces, it was a pretty quick and brisk build that will take you about 2 hours of slow building.

I’ve never built a LEGO shoe before, and it wasn’t challenging, but very interesting techniques were employed to get the shape and silhouette of the sneaker just right – there are some really inspired techniques here to make it work, so those that enjoy building and learning new techniques will be in for a treat.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Display Stand
LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Display Plaque

The Adidas Superstar is designed to be displayed, and comes with this sneaker display stand that allows it to be propped up on an angle.

There is a UCS-esque plaque with some additional bits of trivia about the Adidas Superstar.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Side View

Here’s how the LEGO Adidas Superstar looks from the side, and I reallly have to commend the LEGO designer, Florian Müller for managing to absolutely nail the silhouette, angles and proportions which – when you’re building exclusively with LEGO is a LOT harder than it looks.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Three Stripes

The sneaker is mostly white, with plenty of studs peppered throughout to give it that unmistakable LEGO look.

On the sides, are Adidas’ trademark three stripes design, along with the words SUPERSTAR printed in gold.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Shelltoes Box

Here’s a look at the toebox, where you can see the new corner dome pieces which have fine printed lines on them to mimic the Superstar’s shelltoe design.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Back View

Here’s a look at the back of the shoe, where you can see the Adidas Trefoil logo printed on the heel tab.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Tongue Printed Adidas logo

Over on the front, the tongue also benefits from a printed Adidas logo in gold, across a windshield element which again, mimics the real thing.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Shoelaces

Oh and yes, those shoelaces are included. As this is a LEGO set, this pair of shoelaces is an official LEGO textile element, and you get the joy of lacing the pair up to finish off the build!

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Outsole

Here’s a look at the sole of the shoe.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Arch

And a look at the other side of the shoe. The instructions default to a “right-sided” shoe, but you are also provided parts and instructions to build a “left-side” if you like.

Or if you’re like me, you’ll buy another set to have a complete pair.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Printed Insole

Oh, and here’s a look at the insole, which has these printed tiles on them – with the Adidas text logo, trefoil and “the brand with the 3 stripes” text in English, German and French.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Printed Elements Insole

Here’s the printed elements.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Hidden LEGO Brick

So yes, this is a piece of buildable footwear, and you can already hear the thousands of variants of “haha, now you can really step on LEGO” jokes.

Massive props to Florian for embracing the stepping on LEGO joke, and jamming a rogue 2×3 red brick on the inside of the shoe, so you can literally step on a brick with the LEGO Adidas Superstar!

It’s not specified what shoe size the build is supposed to be, but I compared it against some of my other shoes, and they’re meant to be a UK7.5 / US 8 which uncanny because that’s my actual size. Feels like this LEGO set was actually designed with me in mind – thanks LEGO!

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Comparison

Oh, and if you’re wondering, sure the LEGO model looks good, but how does it stack up against a real Adidas Superstar?

Wonder no more!

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar With Real Superstar Sneaker
LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Top View Comparison
LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Superstar Comparison Back

As you can see, LEGO have done a remarkable job replicating the Adidas Superstar’s shape, features and proportions! Outside of a few sharp corners and details, you can barely tell them apart from afar.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Adidas LEGO Sneakers

And here’s the LEGO Adidas Superstar, with the other LEGO-branded Adidas Sneakers I own. From L-R: Ultraboost DNA, LEGO Adidas Superstar, Red Colour Pack ZX 8000, and the OG LEGO x Adidas ZX 8000.

What a stunning line-up, and you can see that the brickbuilt Adidas superstar fits right in.

Please enjoy some of these other shots I took outside.

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar Display

What I liked:

  • A really novel, unique and one-of-a-kind model from LEGO
  • An exceptional unboxing and packaging experience
  • Build was fresh, and contained plenty of cool techniques
  • All the printed elements!
  • A real marriage of two brands
  • As a sneakerhead, this is a dream set that makes for a great display model

What I didn’t like: 

  • Won’t appeal to you if you’re not into Adidas, or sneakers
  • Body of the shoe can feel a little flimsy and wobble around if you grip it in the wrong place
  • Is a little pricey
Final Thoughts:

As a sneakerhead and lifelong Adidas fan, I could not think of a more fitting LEGO set, and I truly had a blast building, displaying and photographing this set.

Taking the Adidas fanboy out of the equation, I have to give LEGO props for such a bold move, and for going the extra mile, not just in terms of the design, but also the incredibly unique and memorable unboxing experience, which really is the hightlight of the entire experience.

As a build, this is a really solid, and well-considered design, and is most apparent when you place the LEGO Adidas Superstar next to a real one. The proportions, curves have been replicated to a really incredible degree that I have to tip my hat at Florian’s work.

That said, if you’re not a Sneakerhead, or Adidas fan, the novelty and appeal of the LEGO Adidas Superstar will be quite limited. If you’re not into streetwear or fashion, and only have one pair of sneakers, you’ll likely not care about this, but if you’d like to experience a truly novel LEGO building experience – maybe give it a go.

As a sneakerhead, I have to say that I would’ve wished that these were more “trendy”. Superstars, as iconic and history as they are, are stock-standard stickers, and while I respect the legacy, they’re not a sneaker that form a core part of my (or any other Adidas sneakerhead’s) collection as they’re a little basic.

It isn’t for everyone, but am I glad LEGO decided to do something unique like this.

Rating and score: 4/5 ★★★★✰

Build [4] – The build was quick, but enjoyable because of the interesting techniques employed.
Real Value [3] – The price is a little high, but cushioned because of the printed elements.
Innovation [5] – From the packaging to unboxing – this is a truly one-of-a-kind LEGO set
Coolness [4] – It’s a brick-built shoe. Very cool.
Keepability [4] – With such unique packaging, this is really a collector’s item, and I don’t think LEGO will do anything like this ever again.

Thanks so much for reading my review of the LEGO Adidas Superstar!

I’d love to know what you think of the unboxing experience and the concept of a brick-built sneaker. Let me know in the comments!

LEGO 10282 Adidas Superstar will retail for US$79.99 / AU$159.99 and has a release date of 1 July 2021, and will be available from and LEGO Brand retail stores.

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Special thanks to the LEGO Group for providing this set for review.

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